RTU Previous Question Papers BE CSE 4th Sem System Software Engineering July-2011

RTU Previous Question Papers BE CSE 4th Sem

System Software Engineering July-2011

Unit – I

1 (a) Differentiate application and system programming ? How does system programming is further classified ?

(b) Explain internal and external representation of instruction and data ?


1 (a) How does hashing improves the performance of searching ?

Explain hash table organization in detail.

(b) Explain the type and structure of editors in detail.

Unit – II

2    (a) Explain the use of literals in assembly language. How does they differ from constants and immediate operands ?

(b) Explain pass I of a two pass assembler with the help of example. Also show the constants of various data structures after pas I for your example.


(a)  Whether cross reference table is necessary in designing of 8088 IBM – PC assembler ? Give answer with reason.

(b) Explain the algorithm of single pass assembler of IBM PC.

Unit – III

(a)  What do you understand by program relocation? Explain.

(b)Explain various components of the object module of a program.

(c) What are various machine dependent and independent features of a loader.


(a)  What is overlay structured program ? How does linking is performed in these overlays.

(b) Explain pass I of MS – DOS linker.

Unit – IV

(a)  Write a macro to evaluate the expression A*B+C*D using conditional macro expansion.

(b) Explain following features of macro with example :

(i) Nesting

(ii) Keyword and positional parameters


 (a) Write the algorithm for processing of macro definition.

(b) Write short note on MASM macro processor.

Unit – V

(a)  Show the step by step passing of following string using operator precedence passing :

(b) What do you understand by lexical ambiguity and how would you avoid it.


(a)  Write a recursive decent parser for following grammer after rewriting the grammer in required format :

(b) Explain the role of language processor development tools.



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