RTU Previous Question Papers B Tech First Year Engineering English January 2012

RTU Previous Question Papers B Tech First Year

Engineering English January 2012


Q1. (a) Why does the author call the Jin and Della the Magi ?
(b) How did prophesy of Mrs. Edith Myers come true ?
(c) Write a report on the building of the “Red Rose” ?


Q1 (a) Attempt a summary of ” The Fortune Teller “.

(b) Write a note on the irony in the story ” The Gift of the Magi”.

(c) How does the story ” the Nightingale and the rose ” highlight human selfishness ?


Q2 (a) Write a short note on the accompanists boyhood interest and his relationship with his father and mother.

(b) Write a short note on the eccentricities of Dr. Heidegger.

(c) What is a folk-tale ? How the story “the three dancing goats” is a typical Indian folk tale.


Q2 (a) Attempt the summary of “The three dancing goats “.

(b) Describe the unusual things in Dr. Heideggers study.

(c ) who were Ajit and Bhola ? What did they advise the accompanist to do ?


Q3 (a) What are the signs which show that nature does not love a wall ?

(b) Explain why people go to the dentist ? Comment on the speakers logic .

(c) What do the last two lines tell you about the mother ? what did the narrators mother say at the end of the poem ” Night of the scorpion ” ?

Q3 (a) How does the death deal with the Kings and the peasants ? What is the fate of some men with swords ?

(b) In the “Night of the scorpion ” what do the peasants pray for? The poet compares the peasants to “Swarms of flies “. Why ?

(c) Compare the characters of the speaker and the neighbor in “Mending wall”.


Q4 (a) Give in your words the story of the play “The Dear departed”.

(b) How did the Mathematics teacher trap Wasserkopf?

(c ) Describe how Herbert dies. How is the monkeys paw responsible for his death?


Q4 (a ) Attempt the summary of the play “The Monkeys Paw”.

(b) Describe the teachers attempts to help Wasserkopf in his re-examinations.

(c ) Describe the handing of Mr. Merry weather death announcement .


Q5 (a) Studies serve for delight , for ornaments and for ability . Explain.

(b) What are the principal differences between British English and American English.

(c ) Write briefly the summary of ” Third Thoughts”.


Q5 (a) What are the refinements in the usage of English highlighted by R.K Naryan in Toasted English?

(b) How many times the narrators think about the dealer ? Did he change his thoughts each time ? Why did he not post the letter after having returned the first note?

(c ) Match the words with their meaning.
(i) Indispensable beggar
(ii) Repose Thought carefully
(iii) Transient Criticize
(iv) Mendicant Inseparable
(v) Incredible Unbelievable
(vi) Pondered habit of being lazy
(vii) Condemn for a short period of time


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