RS Aggarwal Chapter 6 Class 9 Maths Exercises 6.1 (ex 6a) Solutions

RS Aggarwal Chapter 6 Class 9 Maths Exercise 6.1 Solutions: The word ‘geometry’ comes form the Greek words ‘geo’, meaning the ‘earth’, and ‘metrein’, meaning ‘to measure’. Geometry appears to have originated from the need for measuring land. This branch of mathematics was studied in various forms in every ancient civilisation, be it in Egypt, Babylonia, China, India, Greece, the Incas, etc. The people of these civilisations faced several practical problems which required the development of geometry in various ways. Know more on Euclids Geometry.

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Important Definition for RS Aggarwal Chapter 6 Class 9 Maths Ex 6a Solutions

  • A line is an endless length.
  • A point has no dimension (length, breadth and width).
  • A line that lies evenly with the points on itself is a straight line.
  • Points are the ends of a line.
  • A surface is that which has breadth and length only.
  • A plane surface is a surface that lies evenly with the straight lines on itself.
  • Lines are the edges of a surface.

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