RS Aggarwal Chapter 3 Class 10 Maths Exercise 3.5 (ex 3e) Solutions

RS Aggarwal Chapter 3 Class 10 Maths Exercise 3.5 Solutions: The solutions of RS Agarwal for Lecture 10, Chapter 3, are ready to help you understand the graph of linear equations. In this chapter of RS Aggarwal Class 10 Maths Solutions, you will solve linear equations simultaneously in two variables and then create a graph for the equations. You will learn about algebraic methods of solving cross-multiplication, elimination, and substitution of equations. You will identify coherent systems of equations and show how the equation system has unique solutions.

In Exercise 3E you will ask how you can find the number of solutions for linear equations. In some questions, they already give you what solutions the system of linear equations has, and you have to find the solutions. You are also asked to draw the trapezoids on a graph and find the coordinates of the vertices.

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Finding the Area of Triangle

A triangle can be found when values of linear equations are plotted on the graph. With the help of that graph, we can find the area of a triangle by its formula.

The formula of area of the triangle is ½ * base * height

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