RRB NTPC Salary, Job Profile, and Career Growth

RRB NTPC Salary, Job Profile, and Career Growth

RRB NTPC Salary, Job Profile, and Career Growth
RRB NTPC Salary, Job Profile, and Career Growth

Indian Railways is one of the largest organization which recruits a huge number of candidates for various posts. There are many candidates who aspire for railway jobs as it has a lot of growth opportunities. The Railway Recruitment Board (RRB), there are various departments for which recruitment process is conducted. RRB NTPC is one among the department which is very much in demand. This year, the RRB NTPC Recruitment 2019 has already begun. The application process will be starting soon in the upcoming days. In the meantime, it is suggested for all candidates to know the RRB NTPC Salary, Job Profile and career growth of all posts under the RRB Non-Technical Popular Categories (NTPC). Go through the blog completely to all the details.


Before applying for the job, it is wise to know all the available posts under a category. In RRB NTPC, there are various posts as listed below. Go through the RRB NTPC Vacancies carefully.

  1. Commercial Apprentice
  2. Traffic Assistant
  3. Senior Time Keeper
  4. Assistant Station Master
  5. Junior Accounts Assistant cum Typist
  6. Senior Clerk cum Typist
  7. Traffic Apprentice
  8. Goods Guard
  9. Lineman
  10. Enquiry Cum Reservation Clerk
  11. Gangman, Loco Pilot

RRB NTPC Salary Post-Wise

The RRB NTPC Salary varies for each post. Go through the table below to know about RRB NTPC salary in detail

RRB NTPC Posts Pay Band Grade Pay
Commercial Apprentice 9300-34800 4200
Traffic Assistant 5200-20200 2800
Senior Time Keeper 5200-20200 2800
Assistant Station Master 5200-20200 2800
Junior Accounts Assistant cum Typist 5200-20200 2800
Senior Clerk cum Typist 5200-20200 2800
Traffic Apprentice 9300-34800 4200
Goods Guard 5200-20200 2800
Enquiry Cum Reservation Clerk 5200-20200 2800

Apart from the regular RRB NTPC salary, the RRB NTPC employees receive various allowances like

  • Dearness Allowance
  • Transport Allowance
  • House Rent Allowance
  • Pension Scheme
  • Medical Benefits

The net pay after deductions is going to be Rs 22,550 for Grade Pay 4200 and Rs 18,912 for Grade Pay 2800.

RRB NTPC Previous Year Papers

RRB NTPC Job Profile: Post-wise

Below is the list of posts along with its job description. Go through the table to know more in detail

RRB NTPC Posts RRB NTPC Job Profile/Description
Commercial Apprentice 1. Multi-skilled supervisors in various commercial branches

2. Posted as Commercial Supervisor / Goods Supervisor / Commercial Inspector / Parcel Supervisor

Traffic Apprentice 1. To take care of train operations

2. Posted as Traffic Supervisors or Traffic Inspectors

Junior Accountant Assistant 1. To take care of accounts

2. To keep track of transactions, expenditures, claim settlements, etc.

3. To make accounts-related reports

4. To check financial issues

5. To manage and compile budgets as per the rules

Assistant Station Master 1. To take care of the running of trains

2. To take care of passengers boarding / de-boarding the trains

3. To look after overall maintenance and cleanliness of the station

4. To operate the signals

5. To ensure passengers do not face any problem

Traffic Assistant 1. To take care of the traffic signal
Senior Time Keeper 1. Works in sync with the entire railway network

2. To keep records of time regarding movements of the train

Senior Clerk Cum Typist 1. Clerical works at different departments

2. To supervise junior clerks

Inquiry cum Reservation Clerk 1. To help passengers plan their travel

2. To respond to inquiries regarding tickets

3. To issue tickets for passengers

Goods Guard 1. To monitor the functioning of the vehicle

2. To conduct checks for loose ends in the train

3. To identify and address minor issues while the train is moving

4. To ensure brake continuity, etc

RRB NTPC Career Growth

The career growth of each post is mentioned in the below table. Go through the table to know more.

RRB NTPC Posts Career Growth
Commercial Apprentice 1. Passenger Guard

2. Express Guard

3. Section Controller

4. Chief Controller

Traffic Apprentice Up to the position of Divisional Operations Manager
Junior Accountant Assistant 1. Accounts Assistant2. Junior Accounts Officer

3. Senior Accounts officer

4. Deputy Chief Accounts officer

5. Additional finance advisor

6. Chief Accounts officer

7. Chief Accounts officer/Financial adviser

Assistant Station Master 1. Station Master (SM)2. Station Superintendent (SS)

3. Assistant Operations Manager

4. Divisional Operations Manager

Traffic Assistant 1. Senior Traffic Assistant
Senior Clerk Cum Typist 1. Chief Trains Clerk2. Goods Guard

3. Assistant Station Master.

Goods Guard 1. Passenger Guard

2. Express Guard

3. Section Controller

4. Chief Controller

As you have gone through the RRB NTPC Salary, job profile, and career growth, you can start applying for your desired post. We will keep you posted with all the latest news of RRB NTPC. You can start your preparation for the exam with latest and updates RRB NTPC Books.

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