RRB GK questions 6th April 2016 1st And 2nd Shift

SL RRB Questions for 06 April (1st Shit / Morning) Answers
1 Which is the Largest Stadium of America? Michigan Stadium
2 Calcium hydroxide is found is? Lime Water
3 Another name of Badshah Khan? Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
4 Syed Modi Grand Prix is? Badminton
5 Who are first women DG of Paramilitary? Archana Ramasundram
6 When Microsoft Started? 04-Apr-75
7 Which is not a gland? Gall Bladder
8 Does nephron belong to – Kidney
9 Smiling Buddha Mission is for First Nuclear Bomb test
10 Startup India Launch Year? 2016
11 When construction of Parliament was done? 1927
12 Mars is also known as – Red Planet
13 Yellow Fever caused by – Female Mosquitoes
14 Who won a maximum number of Grand Slam in 2015? Novak Djokovic
15 Female Wrestler got Arjuna Award for 2015? Babita Kumari
16 Full Form of RBC? Red Blood Cells
17 What is the Parliament name of Afghanistan? Shora
18 British Rule was ended up in which year? 1947
RRB Questions for 06 April (2nd Shit / evening) Answers
Name of Laughing Gas? Nitrous oxide
When did the British give independence to India? 1947
A dwarf planet is? Pluto
longtoo festival belongs to which state?
What is Shortcut key of pasting in MS Word? Ctrl + V
What is the currency of Mayanmar? kyat
Who built the Jantar Mantar of Delhi’s? Maharaja Jai Singh
The Popular dance of Tamilnadu? Bharatnatyam
Which of the following does not come under home ministry?
Another name of leprosy? Hansen’s disease
Ligo a mission related to? Black Holes

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