RD Sharma Solutions Class 11 Maths Chapter 27 – Hyperbola (Updated For 2021-22)

RD Sharma Solutions Class 11 Maths Chapter 27: In the previous classes, you have learned that the hyperbola is a type of curve. In this chapter, you will learn more about the hyperbola and how to find its equation in the standard form. To do this, you need RD Sharma Solutions for Maths for Class 11.

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RD Sharma Solutions Class 11 Maths Chapter 27


Exercise-wise: RD Sharma Solutions Class 11 Maths Chapter 27 – Hyperbola

Chapter 27 in Maths for CBSE class 11 Exercise 27.1

‘Hyperbola’ has just one exercise, just like its predecessor, ‘Ellipse.’ The exercise consists of various problems related to the concepts you will be learning in the chapter. In most of these problems, you use the standard equation to find the various elements of a hyperbola. The elements include its eccentricity, length of the latus-rectum, and the focal distances of a point, among other things.

The exercise has about six questions, each of which consists of different problems related to the chapter. 

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Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q1
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q2(i)
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q2(ii)
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q2(iii)
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q2(iv)
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q2(v)
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q2(vi)
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q3(i)
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q3(ii)
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q3(iii)
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q3(iv)
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q4
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q5(i)
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q5(ii)
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q5(iii)
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q6(i)
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q6(ii)
RD-Sharma-class-11-Solutions-Hyperbola-Chapter-27-Exercise-27.1-Q-6 i
RD-Sharma-class-11-Solutions-Hyperbola-Chapter-27-Exercise-27.1-Q-6 ii
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q6(iii)
RD-Sharma-class-11-Solutions-Hyperbola-Chapter-27-Exercise-27.1-Q-6 iii
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q7(i)
RD-Sharma-class-11-Solutions-Hyperbola-Chapter-27-Exercise-27.1-Q-7 i
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q7(ii)
RD-Sharma-class-11-Solutions-Hyperbola-Chapter-27-Exercise-27.1-Q-7 ii
RD-Sharma-class-11-Solutions-Hyperbola-Chapter-27-Exercise-27.1-Q-7 iii
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q7(iii)
RD-Sharma-class-11-Solutions-Hyperbola-Chapter-27-Exercise-27.1-Q-7 iv
RD-Sharma-class-11-Solutions-Hyperbola-Chapter-27-Exercise-27.1-Q-7 v
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q7(iv)
RD-Sharma-class-11-Solutions-Hyperbola-Chapter-27-Exercise-27.1-Q-7 vi
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q8
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q9(i)
RD-Sharma-class-11-Solutions-Hyperbola-Chapter-27-Exercise-27.1-Q-9 i
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q9(ii)
RD-Sharma-class-11-Solutions-Hyperbola-Chapter-27-Exercise-27.1-Q-9 ii
RD-Sharma-class-11-Solutions-Hyperbola-Chapter-27-Exercise-27.1-Q-9 iii
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q10
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q11(i)
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q11(ii)
RD-Sharma-class-11-Solutions-Hyperbola-Chapter-27-Exercise-27.1-Q-11 i
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q11(iii)
RD-Sharma-class-11-Solutions-Hyperbola-Chapter-27-Exercise-27.1-Q-11 ii
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q11(iv)
RD-Sharma-class-11-Solutions-Hyperbola-Chapter-27-Exercise-27.1-Q-11 iii
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q11(v)
RD-Sharma-class-11-Solutions-Hyperbola-Chapter-27-Exercise-27.1-Q-11 iv
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q11(vi)
RD-Sharma-class-11-Solutions-Hyperbola-Chapter-27-Exercise-27.1-Q-11 v
RD-Sharma-class-11-Solutions-Hyperbola-Chapter-27-Exercise-27.1-Q-11 vi
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q11(vii)
RD-Sharma-class-11-Solutions-Hyperbola-Chapter-27-Exercise-27.1-Q-11 vii
RD-Sharma-class-11-Solutions-Hyperbola-Chapter-27-Exercise-27.1-Q-11 viii
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q11(viii)
RD-Sharma-class-11-Solutions-Hyperbola-Chapter-27-Exercise-27.1-Q-11 ix
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q11(ix)
RD-Sharma-class-11-Solutions-Hyperbola-Chapter-27-Exercise-27.1-Q-11 x
RD-Sharma-class-11-Solutions-Hyperbola-Chapter-27-Exercise-27.1-Q-11 xi
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q11(x)
RD-Sharma-class-11-Solutions-Hyperbola-Chapter-27-Exercise-27.1-Q-11 xii
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q12
Hyperbola Ex 27.1 Q13

Important Topics in RD Sharma Solutions Class 11 Maths Chapter 27

The following list gives you those topics from the chapter that is important for the exams. The concepts that you can find below are essential as they carry higher marks. So, by going through them, you can ensure that you get higher marks.

  • Equation of a Hyperbola in the Standard Form
  • Tracing a Hyperbola
  • The second focus and directrix
  • Elements of a Hyperbola
  • Eccentricity
  • Length of the Latus-Rectum
  • Focal Distances of a Point
  • Conjugate Hyperbola

These are the five topics that you need to be focusing on as they have appeared several times in the exams. Also, note that the topic, ‘Elements of a Hyperbola’ has three other subtopics, including the eccentricity, length of the latus-rectum, and the focal distances of a point. All the three subtopics are as essential for the exams as the other concepts you learn in this chapter.

RD Sharma Solutions Class 11 Maths Chapter 27 – Hyperbola

The chapter on hyperbola has various concepts of immense value from an exam standpoint and pursuing higher education in various fields such as engineering and architecture. Each question from the chapter consists of higher marks in the exams than others.

So, you should ensure that you become thorough with the chapter by studying it from RD Sharma Solutions for Maths for CBSE class 11.

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Is it even beneficial to study RD Sharma Solutions Class 11 Maths Chapter 27?

Yes, your preparation will be strengthened with this amazing help book. All your questions will be answered by this book.

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The solutions are relevant as they are designed by the subject matter experts.  

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You can download it for free.

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