Pune University BE Production Engineering Advanced Production Technology Question Papers


(2008 Pattern) (Sem. – I)

Time :3 Hours]                                                                                                                                                                                                    [Max. Marks :100

Instructions to the candidates:-

1)                        Answer 3 questions from Section – I and 3 questions from Section – II.

2)                          Figures to the right indicate full marks.

3)                        Assume suitable data, if necessary.


Q1) a) Explain with neat sketch of following regarding to HSM technology. [8]

i)             Ultra high cutting speed.

ii)           Chip formation.

iii)        Flank wear of ceramic tool.

b) Illustrate the following :                                                                                       [8]

i)             Optimum cutting speed for HSM machining.

ii)           Effects of using HSM based processes in die and mould manufacturing.


Q2) a) Describe comparison of tool life for dry drilling and wet drilling on different workpiece materials.                                                                                          [5]

b)        Explain with neat sketch regarding to dry maching operation.                  [5]

i)             Tool wear.

ii)           Surface finish.

c)        Explain with neat sketch regarding to Hard part machining.                      [6]

i)              Mechanism of material side how during hard turning.

ii)           Typical wear types in CBN finish hard turning.

Q3) Explain with neat sketch.                                                                        [16]

a)        Ultra precision lathe machine.

b)        Ultra precision milling machine.

c)        Nano precision CNC machining centre.

d)        Ultra precision grinding machine.

Q4) a) Explain evolutionary of commercial nano products of following segment.

i)             Electronics.

ii)           Material.

iii)        Life sciences

iv)         Sensor medicine.

v)           Instrumentation.

b) Differentiate between Non conventional machining and micromachining processes.   [6]

Q5) a) Explain with neat sketch online / In process and online postprocesses, offline inspection methods.                                                                                                               [9]

b) What is cell design? What are the factors affecting cell design and what are the cell design criteria.                                                                                            [9]


Q6) Write a short note on                                                                                [18]

a)        Rapid prototyping.

b)        Part classification and coading.

c)        Computer integrated production management system [CIPMS]


Q7) a) Explain basic framework of Toyota production system.              [10]

b) Describe components of FMS.                                                                           [6]


Q8) Explain with neat sketch following feeders.                                        [16]

a)        Vibratory feeders.

b)        Vibratory bowl feeders.

c)        Rotory disc feeder.

d)        Centrifugal feeder.

e)        Revolving feeder.

Q9) a) The displacement of a pump operating at 1000 rpm at a pressure of 70 bar is 100 cm3 the input torque from the prime mover is 120 Nm. If it delivers 0.0015 m3/s of oil determine.  [9]

i)              Overall efficiency of the pump.

ii)           Theoretical torque required to operate through pump.

iii)         Volumetric efficiency.


Explain with neat sketch hydraulic servo mechanism.






Explain with neat sketch proportional valves.



Explain with neat sketch the circuit showing the application of counter


balance valve.



Explain with neat sketch swash plate type axial piston pump.



Sketch various types cylinder mountings.



Draw a pneumatic circuit showing the application of automatic to



fro motion of a double acting centre. & explain.



Explain the following terms w.r. to hydraulic motor.



i) Volumetric efficiency.


ii) Mechanical efficiency.


iii) Overall efficiency.





Draw & explain motor braking circuit.



Explain with neat circuit, the application of unloading valve.



What size of accumulator is necessary to supply 5000 cm3 of fluid

in a


hydraulic system having maximum operating pressure of 200 bar which drops to minimum 105 bar. Assume adiabatic expansion and compression of gas with precharge of accumulator at 70 bar.                                                                                                                         [6]

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