Pune University BE Printing Maintenance of Printing Machines Question Papers

B.E. (Printing)

MAINTENANCE OF PRINTING MACHINES (2008 Pattern) (Elective – III) (Sem. – II)

Time: 3 Hours]                                                                                             [Max. Marks : 100

Instructions to candidates:

1)            All questions are compulsory. Answer any one of each question a or b.

2)             Questions 1,2,4 and 5 have 16 marks and questions 3 and 6 have 18 marks.


QI) a) i) What are the different types of gears used in printing machines.

ii)           Where are worm and worm wheel gears used in printing machines.

iii)         What is the function of a lead screw. Where is it used in the printing industry name at least 4 instances.

iv)         What is the function of an air cylinder?

b) i) In a printing machine different types of speed control systems are used. List the same and explain a electrical variable speed drive.

ii)           What are the different types of bearings used in printing machines.

iii)         What is the type of coupling used in a Vacuum pump? Explain with suitable diagram.

iv)         Where are hydraulic systems used in Printing industry?

Q2) a) i) What are the various mechanical groups of a printing machine?

ii)           Purpose of undercuts on cylinders. If you do not know the undercut of a machine how would you find out the same?

How is the motion on the feeder mechanism on a printing machine changed from vertical to horizontal?

What are the different types of plate clamps used in printing machines?


b) i) What is the dampening system of a offset printing machine. Called? Explain any one with diagram.

ii)           What are the different types of feeding systems used in printing machines.

iii)        Explain the function of a stream feeder in brief.

iv)         How is the blanket clamped to the cylinder?

Q3) a) What is the purpose of daily/routine inspection of a machine.

How does it help in keeping the equipment running with minimum mean time between failures? b) What is understood under the term Preventive and Breakdown Maintenance? How can preventive maintenance reduce the incidence of Breakdowns?


Q4) a) What do you understand under Maintenance? Explain in detail.

b) What is the type of leveling instrument used for leveling of a printing machine. What are the required tolerances necessary.

Can this be replaced by a Laser level instrument. If yes why? If no Why?

Q5) a) i) When installing a machine what are the important points to be observed?

ii) Importance of proper lubrication and types of lubrication systems. b) i) What is the advantage of a ball bearing over a bush (sliding) bearing.

ii) In modern machines often the entire gear and other drive components are encased in an oil bath/oil sprinkler system. Explain reasons for the same.

Q6) a) i) What are the essential tools required by a Maintenance Engineer?

List at least 15.

ii) The cutting action of a Paper cutting machine is———- ?

Explain the reason for the same.


b)            What are the principles of Plant layout? Explain in detail.

Prepare a layout for a printing press room with following equipment: Explain the work flow.

  1. 4 colour offset machine 19 x 25 inches.

Area of the machine is 30 feet by 7.5 feet.

CPC unit requires an area of 5 feet x 7 feet.

Ancillary equipment such as compressor, chilling unit etc occupies an area of 6 feet x 10 feet.

  1. 2 colour offset machine 25 x 38 inches.

Area required for the machine is 8 feet x 17 feet.

  1. 2 single colour offset machines 20 x 30 inches area required by the machines 6 x 10 feet
  2. I die cutting cylinder machine 25 x 38 inches area required by the machine is 12 feet x 6.5 feet Supervisor cabin 8 x 10 feet

Test equipment table 6 feet x 4 feet

Storage area for consumeables and spares 10 x 15 feet.

Prepare the layout taking into consideration the above equipment providing space for working area and work in process.

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