Pune University BE Polymer Engineering Surface Coatings and Adhesives Question Papers

Pune University BE Polymer Engineering Surface Coatings and Adhesives

Question Papers

B.E. (Polymer) SURFACE COATINGS AND ADHESIVES (2008 Pattern) (Sem. – I) (Elective – II)

Time: 3 Hours]                                                                                              [Max. Marks :100

Instructions to the candidates:

1)           Answers to Section -1 and Section – IIshould be written on separate answer book.

2)             Solve 3 questions from Section -1 and 3 questions from Section – II.

3)           Neat diagrams should be drawn wherever necessary.

4)           Figures to the right indicate full marks.

5)           Assume suitable data, if necessary.

6)           Use of electronic pocket calculator is allowed.


Q1) a) What are the various ingredients present in paint formulation? Explain their significance in formulation. Give atleast one example of each ingredient.                       [12]

b) Explain in detail the film formation phenomena in case of paint. [6]


Q2) a) Explain the following terms – Varnish, Enamel, Lacquer.                                 [6]

b)            Write a short note on classification of oils used in surface coatings. [5]

c)           What are the molecular features those are necessary in surface coatings to achieve Exterior durability, Adhesion and Corrosion resistance. [7]

Q3) a) Differentiate between Decorative paints and Industrial paints. [8]

b) Write short note on Water-based paints and Alkyd resins.                                                                         [8]


What are the various methods of application of paint? Explain them in brief.        [8]

Write a short note on Polyurethanes Paints and Acrylic Paints. [8]

Comment in detail on health and safety aspects related to paint industry.


Write short notes on testing of paint for Density, Consistency, and Viscosity.       [8]


Write short note on testing of paint for mechanical properties and optical properties.      [10]

Explain in detail how paints are manufactured.                                            [6]


Explain in detail Mechanical Interlocking theory in adhesives. [9] Write a short note on Work of Adhesion, and explain its significance.



Explain in detail Wettability theory of adhesion.                                      [10]

Briefly explain several steps involved in adhesive bonding process. [8]

Explain in detail the Classification of Adhesives.                                        [8]

Write a short note on Epoxy based adhesives.                                              [8]


Write a short note on Solvent and Emulsion based adhesives. [8] Explain in detail various adhesives formulations based on Polyurethane.



With neat sketches briefly explain Shear and Tensile stresses in adhesive joint.    [5]

Enlist the factors on which adhesive joint depends.                                    [5]

Explain in detail the importance of surface preparation in adhesive joint. [6]


What is the role of cleavage and peel stresses in adhesive joint design?


What are the various tests carried out for evaluation of adhesive performance? Explain any one in detail?                                                                                                                [10]

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