Pune University BE Polyer Engineering Fiber Technology Question Papers

Pune University BE Polymer Engineering Fiber Technology Question Papers

B.E. (Polymer) FIBER TECHNOLOGY (2008 Pattern) (Sem. – I) (Elective – I)

Time: 3 Hours]                                                                                              [Max. Marks :100

Instructions to the candidates:

1)            Answers to Section -1 and Section – II should be written in separate answer book.

2)             Solve 3 questions from Section -1 and 3 questions from Section – II.

3)            Neat diagrams should be drawn wherever necessary.

4)            Figures to the right indicate full marks.

5)            Assume suitable data, if necessary.

6)            Use of electronic pocket calculator is allowed.


Q1) a) Briefly explain the unique properties of Synthetic compared to Natural Fibers?    [9]

b)            What is the significance of polymerization step in fiber manufacture? [3]

c)            Enlist the important points to be considered in production of PET by continuous process.                                                                                                       [6]


Q2) a) With suitable flow diagram explain the important operations in the production of polyester filament yarn.                                                                                   [6]

b)           What are the molecular requirements the given polymer should possess in order to convert it into fiber?                                                                                 [6]

c)            Define the following terms – fiber, tenacity, denier, filament, yarn, staple fiber          [6]

Explain the effect of high speed spinning on the fiber morphology. [6] What are the functions of pre-filtration device that has been placed between static mixer and manifold in case of melt spinning operation.


Briefly explain the role of spin pack and spinneret in fiber forming operation.      [5]


Explain in brief H4S and FDY spinning processes of Spin Draw technique.          [8]

What are various techniques of Solution Spinning? Explain any one in detail.      [8]

Enlist various post-spinning operations in fiber formation.                       [4]

What are the various factors affecting friction generated during manufacturing fiber? Explain any one in detail.                                                                                                        [8]

Explain the importance of stretching/drawing stage in fibers. [4]


What are the major constituents of spin finish used in fiber? Briefly explain their significance. [8]

What do you understand by Draw Warping? What are its advantages?



Write a short note on Crystal Defect model in fibers.                                 [6]

Compare between Crush Cutting and Stretch Breaking Converters used for converting polyester tow into tops.                                                                                                       [6]

Explain the Heat setting step and its effect of staple fiber.                         [6]


Q8) a) Write a short note on Transitions in Fiber Structure.                       [6]

b)            Explain in detail One step continuous plant for melt spun staple fiber production.     [7]

c)            Comment on Chain folding and Fiber annealing.                                        [5]

Q9) a) What are the various methods of Mass Colouration of Polyester? Explain any one in detail.                                                                                                          [10]

b) Why is it difficult to dye PP fibers? What are the various modifications carried out to make dyeable PP?                                                                                    [6]


Q10)a) Explain Chips Dyeing technique used for Mass colouration of Nylon.

b)            What are the factors those make polyester fibers difficult to dye? [4]

c)            Write a short note on Carrier dyeing technique used for polyesters. [6]

Q11)a) Explain the necessity of modifying synthetic fibers.                     [6]

b)            Write a short note on Hydrophilic Polyester.                                                [7]

c)            Enlist applications of flame retardant synthetic fibers.                               [3]


Q12)a) Enlist the important tests performed for checking quality of filament yarns and staple fibers. Explain any one in detail.                                                               [8]

b) Write a short note on Hydrophilic Acrylic fibers.                                             [8]

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