Pune University BE Petroleum Enhancement and Optimization Question Papers

Pune University BE Petroleum Enhancement and Optimization

Question Papers

B.E. (Petroleum Engineering)


(2008 Pattern) (Elective – IV) (Sem. – II)

Time :3 Hours]                                                                           [Max. Marks :100

Instructions to the candidates:-

1)           Answer 3 questions from Section I and 3 questions from Section II.

2)           Answers to the two sections should be written in separate books.

3)           Neat diagrams must be drawn wherever necessary.

4)           Pigures to the right indicate full marks.

5)           Use of logarithmic tables slide rule, Mollier charts, electronic pocket calculator and steam tables is allowed.

6)           Assume suitable data, if necessary.


QIA a) Write the various methods for production enhancement. Explain any one in brief.                          [9]

b) Write the data needed for the design of a successful stimulation job. Also explain how will you evaluate the gain or improvement in productivity before and after fracturing of a well. [9]


Q2) a) Draw the following graphs / sketches.       [9]

i)              Surface read-out of fracturing job.

ii)           Typical fracture geometry.

iii)         IPR before and after fracturing.

b) Explain any one mathematical model of well fracturing. [9]

Q3) a) Write the primary reactions involved in matrix acidization job for sandstone and carbonate formation. Explain dissolving power of a acid and also give typical formulation of acidic system and their concentration for above formation.                                [10]

b) What is formation damage? How it occurs? State and explain any two equations to calculate pressure drop because of formation damage. [6]


Q4) a) State and explain the equations to calculate surface pressure required in fracturing and acidization job.   [10]

b) Write a note on well conditioning and clean-up before and after stimulation job.                               [6]

Q5) a) List the various equipments and machinery that is required at the time of fracturing operation and explain the function of each of them in brief. [8]

b) Write a short note on :                        [8]

i)              fracturing proppants.

ii)           fracturing fluids.


Q6) a) Describe in detail various components and steps involved in fracturing treatment design.          [10]

b) Write a short note on :                        [6]

i)             Data frac process.

ii)           Post fracturing job analysis.


Q 7) a) What is production optimization? Explain various methods of production optimization for self flowing well, in brief.                                             [9]

b) Write the functions of production choke. Draw generic graph and indicate operating point for a typical tubing and choke size on an inflow performance curve. Explain the basis for selection of tubing size and choke size from the point of optimization.   [9]


Q8) a) Draw the graph and explain.                                                                                [12]

i)              Critical and subcritical flow through a choke.

ii)           Role of optimum GLR.

iii)         Choke performance curves for various choke sizes.

iv)         Production rate Vs tubing diameter.

b)        Discuss the general pipeline. Design considerations in brief.                    [6]


Q9) a) Describe in brief various techniques to boost oil production from the given reservoir.    [6]

b)        What are different methods to unload a liquid loaded gas well? Explain the flow regimes and plunger lift mechanism used in it.                                          [10]


QI 0) Explain any one case study and describe production optimization techniques that were used in it. Discuss the case from the point of objectives, challenges involved, kown data, method that were adopted and merits as well as demerits.                                             [16]

QII) Describe in detail the well planning required for optimization in following jobs.     [16]

a)         Water and gas shut off

b)        Reperforation

c)        Recompletion of a well bore

d)        Well stimulation.


Q12) Discuss in detail short medium and long term methods to optimize field production. Also write general bottlenecking problems and discuss in brief to achieve highest recovery factor with maximum efficiency.                                                                                              [16]


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