Pune University BE Petroleum Carbon Management in Petroleum Industry Question Papers

Pune University Old Exam Papers

B.E. (Petroleum) Carbon Management In Petroleum Industry

 (2008 Pattern) (Elective – II) (Semester – I)

Instructions to the candidates:

1)  Answer Q.No. 1 or Q.No. 2, Q.No. 3 or Q.No. 4, Q.No. 5 or Q.No. 6 from Section -I and Q.No. 7 or Q.No. 8, Q.No. 9 or Q.No. 10, Q.No. 11 or Q.No. 12 from Section – II.

2)  Answers to the two sections should be written in separate books.

3)  Neat diagrams must be drawn wherever necessary.

4)   Pigures to the right indicate full marks.

5)   Use of logarithmic tables, slide rule, Mollier Charts, electronic pocket calculator and steam tables is allowed.

6)  Assume suitable data, if necessary.


Q. 1) a) What is carbon credit? Discuss, how carbon credit is important for the economical development of a country and various industrial sectors.

b) Explain C02 transportation in brief.


Q. 2) a) Which are the Green House Gases? Write their role in global warming. [12] b) Explain Kyoto protocol.

Q. 3) a) How the emission of gases from various Industrial Operations may affect the environment and life on the earth? Explain.

b) Write a note on, emission estimation.


Q. 4) Which are the major and minor industrial sectors responsible for carbon emission? List the general operations and names of gases emitted from these industries. For the Petrochemical Industry, write and discuss,

a) Sources of emission.

b) Various ways of carbon management.


Q. 5) a) Discuss C02 storage in brief.

b) Describe in brief carbon sequestration.


Q. 6) What is Sustainable Development? Discuss it in detail.


Q. 7) Write the various resources of renewable energy generation. How the renewable energy contribute to reduce C02 emissions? Draw the process flow diagram and explain any two methods of electricity generation using renewable resources. Show various components and features of these methods in the diagram.


Q. 8) Describe in brief any one case study regarding, carbon management in any one of the Industry from the point of objectives, challenges involved in it and techniques or processes that were implemented. Also write the merits and demerits of this Methodology.

Q. 9) a) Write a note on, biological approach in carbon sequestration.

b) Draw and explain the process flow diagram of, ‘bio-gas generation’.


Q. 10) Write their general advantages and disadvantages of biomass energy. Explain methods and sources of chemicals and energy generation from biomass. [16]

Q. 11) a) Write the methods of carbon credit generation? Discuss the scope of carbon credit generation in Petroleum Industry.

b)  Describe Clean development mechanism in brief.


Q. 12) Write short notes on :

a) Safety requirements in energy sector.

b) Carbon trading.

c)  Energy savings.

d) Environmental issues of carbon capture.

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