Pune University BE Petrochemical Engineering Renewable Energy Sources Question Papers


(2008 Pattern) (Elective – III) (Sem. – II)

Time: 3 Hours]                                                                                              [Max. Marks :100

Instructions to the candidates:

1)            Answer any 3 questions from each section.

2)            Answers to the two sections should be written in separate books.

3)            Neat diagrams must be drawn wherever necessary.

4)            Figures to the right indicate full marks.

5)             Use of logarithmic tables slide rule, Mollier charts, electronic pocket calculator and steam table is allowed.

6)            Assume suitable data, if necessary.


Q1) a) What are the current problems related to Energy in India and world? [6]

b)            Discuss the potential of different forms of Renewable energy and which renewable energy is more prominent and why?                                                   [6]

c)            Discuss advantages and disadvantages of Non-Conventional Energy sources.           [4]


Q2) a) Discuss the current availability of non conventional energy resources in India.     [8]

b) What are different difficulties in getting energy from different Renewable Energy sources?                                                                                                    [8]

Q3) a) Discuss in details about four different types of solar collectors (Concentrator) with neat sketches.                                                                                          [8]

b) Write in details about the process of Solar Desalination with neat sketch.


Q4) a) Discuss with principle and working with neat sketch about solar space heating and cooling. (Minimum two diagrams).                                        [10]

b)           Write in details about the Solar Industrial heating systems with neat sketch.   [6]

Q5) Composition of soybean oil is given below :                                                         [18]

C16 : 0 = 10.5%, C18:0 = 4.1%, C18:1 9 = 22.5%, C18:1 11 =1.6%, C18:2 9, 12 = 53.6% and C 18:3 9, 12, 15 = 7.7%

C18: 1 9 signifies an 18 carbon fatty acid chain with one double bond located at carbon 9.

Calculate amount of methanol required for trans-esterification of 1.2 lit of this soybean oil, if 80% excess methnaol based on soichometric requirement needs to be used for complete conversion.

Assume density of soybean oil to be 0.913 and that of methanol be 0.8 kg/lit. If overall 92% conversion be achieveable, calculate mass of biodiesel and glycerol produced. Consider 8% of vegetable oil used undergoes saponification in presence of homogeneous NaOH catalyst.


Q6) a) Name various types of biomasses avaialable in India.                                       [4]

b)           With help of schematic diagram explain the concept of biorefinery with special emphasis on the thermal and chemical processes involved. Also point out the different products achievable.                                                                                               [10]

c)            Write a short note on alcoholic fermentation.                                     [4]


Q7) a) Name the major locations in India where wind energy is utilized. [4]

b)           With help of neat diagram explain various parts of wind turbine generator units.                                                                                                 [10]

c)            Compare advantages and disadvantages of wind energy.                           [4]


Q8) a) How energy of waves can be captured – in this context discuss the design feature of helical turbine.                                                                                              [6]

b)            What is OTEC? Discuss the priciple of operation of any OTEC cycle. [6]

c)            Discuss the major challenges faced by OTEC technology. Highlight how the commercial feasibilty of OTEC can be increased.                                                   [6]

Q9) a) What do you understand by Geothermal energy? What are geothermal fields?      [6]

b) Describe various energy extraction technologies used with hydrothermal (geothermal) resources.                                                                                                 [10]


Q10)a) Comment on origin and distribution of geothermal energy.         [6]

b) Explain the process of liquid dominated (wet steam) system of geothermal energy extraction with neat sketch.                                                                  [10]

Q11)a) Discuss the importance of storage of electrical energy. Name different types of cells can be utilized. Discuss operation of any one of the cell. [8] b) With help of schematic diagram explain the principle of operation of Fuel Cells. Comment on Cathode, Anode and the type of Electrolytes.



Q12)a) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of fuel cells. Cite the applicability of the Fuel Cells.                                                                                                  [8]

b)            Name various types of fuel cells often used and compare between them based on types of electrolytes employed, operating ranges, fuel types and the oxidants utlized.  [8]

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