Pune University BE Mechanical Automobile Engineering Question Papers

Pune University Previous Exam Paper

B.E. (Mech. Sandwich)


(Elective – III) (Sem. – I)

Time : 3 Hours]                                                                         [Max. Marks : 100

Instructions to the candidates:

1)         Solve three questions from section-I and three questions from section-II.

2)          Pigures to the right indicate full marks.

3)           Use separate answersheet for each section.


QIA a) Sketch and explain the following layouts.

i)              Transverse front mounted engine and front wheel drive.

ii)           Longitudinal front mounted engine and rear wheel drive.

b) Explain “aerodynamic drag”.


Q2) a) Sketch and explain the construction of a typical truck chassis frame.

Also explain different types of loading situations on frame.

b) Explain the term “Rolling resistance” with the help of a neat a sketch.

Q3) a) What are different desirable features of a four wheeler clutch from design and performance view point?

b)        Describe the synchronization mechanism used in synchromesh gear box.

c)        Explain the need of universal joints in propeller shafts.


Q4) a) Explain the functioning of a multiple clutch.

b)        What are the advantages of a synchronized gear train over a constant mesh gear train.

c)        Explain with neat sketch the function of differential in rear axle.


Q5) a) Explain the necessity of “Wheel alignment”.

b)        What do you understand by

i)              Over steer.

ii)           Under steer.

c)        What are the advantages of tubeless tyre over tubed tyre?

d)        What are the facters which constitute and govern the heating load of an automobile AC system?


Q6) a) What do you understand by

i)              Castor.

ii)           Camber.

iii)         Toe-in.

iv)         Toe-out.

b)        What are a different desirable characteristics of tyres for better performance?

c)        What are different considerations for selecting

i)             A refrigerant.

ii)           Refrigeration oil

for an automobile AC system.


Q7) a) Why is maintenance of an automobile necessary?

b) What are different kind of maintenance required for cars? Explain.


Q8) a) Differenciate between following :

i)             Periodic maintenance and breakdown maintenance.

ii)           Servicing and repairing.

b)    Describe the maintenance required for

i)              Steering system.

ii)           Tyres.

Q9) a) Explain with suitable examples various safety measures encorporated in modern cars.

b)        Describe crash, what are various types of crashes? Vehicles undergo in case of accidents? Explain.


QI 0) a) Explain with neat sketch the following :

i)              Safety belt used for passenger.

ii)           Airbags.

b) What is the role of automobile Headlamp? Explain construction and working the Headlamp.

QII) a) Explain various electronically controlled system used in todays cars.

b)        What do you understand by sensors and actuators? Explain various sensors used in automobiles.

c)        Explain working of antilock breaking system used in vehicles.


Q12) Write short notes on the following (any three) :

a)        Basic electronic engine control.

b)        Microprocessor application in automobiles.

c)        Ergonomics in Automotive Safety.

d)        Pedestrian safety.

e)         Speedometer.

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