Pune University BE IT Software Architecture Question Papers

B.E. (IT) SOFTWARE ARCHITECTURE (Sem. – II) (2008 Pattern) (Elective – III)

Time :3 Hours]                                                                                              [Max. Marks :100

Instructions to the candidates:-

1)           Pigures to the right indicate full marks.

2)            Answers to the two sections should be written in separate answer books.

3)             Prom Section -1, Answer (QI or Q2) and (Q3 or Q4) and (Q5 or Q6).

4)           Prom Section – II, Answer (Q7 or Q8) and (Q9 or QIO) and QII.

5)           Make suitable assumptions wherever relevant and appropriate.


QI) a) Explain Architecture Business Cycle.                                                          [8]

b) What is software architecture? Explain with example. How do the architectures affect the nature of the organization?                                                                     [10]


Q2) a) What documentation would you need to do performance analysis of an architecture?      [R]

b)        Explain with suitable example :                                                                        [8]

i)             Architecture is high-level design.

ii)           Architecture is the overall structure of the system.

iii)         Behavior of each software element is part of the architecture.

iv)         Architecture has components 8 connectors.

c)        Explain : Architecture is the vehicle for stakeholder communication. [6]

Q3) Explain and illustrate the following concepts (in context of quality attributes) with examples :                                                                                                                                     [16]

a)         Following concern in context of modifiability : “When is a change made and who makes it”

b)        Any one quality attribute scenario for performance.


c)        Measuring and specifying performance for a web site.

d)        Usability aspects observed by you in a typical MS WINDOWS desktop software. (Hint: MS WORD/ IE7)


Q4) Explain and illustrate the following concepts (in context of quality attribute) with examples, in brief.                                                                                                                           [16]

a)        Maintaining data confidentially.

b)        Quality attribute scenario.

c)        Performance bottlenecks.

d)        Non functional requirements.

Q5) a) Give the definition, uses and structure of “Proxy” pattern.                                [8]

b) What are design patterns and anti-patterns? Explain significance of each with reference to software quality.                                                                                          [8]


Q6) a) What can a Mediator pattern do for us,. illustrate with an example. [4]

b)        Which design pattern will you choose to “Ensure a single instance of a class in memory for the application “, How can one achieve/ implement this in C++. [6]

c)         Write short note on concept of delegation.                                             [6]


Q7) a) Compare different architecture styles.                                             [10]

b) Write short note on :                                                                                      [8]

i)              Coupling in XML

ii)           Structure of XML


Q8) a) Explain three tier architecture with reference to presentation, business and persistence layers.                                                                                               [10]

b)        Explain the concept of :                                                                                     [8]

i)              loose coupling

ii)           Addressing quality attributes through multi tier architecture.

Q9) a) What kind of responsibilities does a Server side have in a web application? [4]

b) Explain following web concepts through simple examples :                                                                    [12]

i)             Entity Beans

ii)           Session Beans

iii)                        http

iv)         Message Beans


QI 0) a) What kind of responsibilities does a web client have? How can one make web client more dynamic.                                                                                                              [4]

b) Explain with example :                                                                                                                                    [12]

i)                             CGI

ii)           Application Server

iii)        Legacy Application

iv)         Web Server

QII) Write short note (Any four) :                                                                 [16]

a)         Components and Interfaces.

b)          DLL

c)         .NET assemblies

d)        .NET remoting

e)         .NET web services

f)         IUNKNOWN

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