Pune University BE IT Advanced Graphics Question Papers

B.E. (Information Technology) ADVANCED GRAPHICS (2008 Pattern) (Elective – III) (Sem. – II)

Time :3 Hours]                                                                           [Max. Marks :100

Instructions to the candidates:-

1)           Answer QI or Q2, Q3 or Q4 and Q5 or Q6 from section I and Q7 or Q8, Q9 or QIO and QII or Q12 from section II.

2)           Answers to the two sections to be written separately.

3)           Neat diagrams must be drawn wherever necessary.

4)           Assume suitable data, if required.

5)           Pigures to the right indicate full marks.


QIA a) Explain anyone method for 3 D display along with necessary mathematical equations.  [6]

b)        Explain with data structures, how polygon tables are used for representing polygon surfaces.                                                                                                              [6]

c)        Explain with mathematical treatment following quadric surfaces. [6]

i)              Sphere

ii)           Ellipsoid


Q2) a) Explain with example Zero order, F irst order and Second order parametric continuity.   [6]

b)        Explain how one can specify the particular spline representation with the help of boundary conditions.                                                                                 [6]

c)         Give properties of B-Spline curves and also give the blending functions for the same.                                                                                                                       [6]

Q3) a) Explain conventional method for animation.                                                        [4]

b)        Give features of Diagrammatic Animation Language.                                [4]

c)        Explain any two methods for controlling animation.                                    [8]



Q4) a) Give features for animation language ASAS. Give its merits over Linear list notations.   [8]

b)        State basic rules for generating animation.                                                   [4]

c)        Explain frame by frame animation technique with an example.               [4]

Q5) a) Explain with example primitive instancing method for solid modeling. [8] b) Define translational sweep and rotational sweep.                                                  [8]


Q6) a) Explain with example how Octrees are used for representing solids using spatial partitioning representation.                                                                              [8]

b) Compare various solid modeling methods on following points. [8]

i)             Accuracy

ii)           Domain

iii)        Validity

iv)         Closure


Q7) a) Explain RGB, HSV Color Models.                                                                        [8]

b) Explain basic ray tracing algorithm.                                                                  [8]


Q8) a) Explain distributed ray tracing method.                                                                [8]

b) Write short notes on following illumination methods.                                   [8]

i)             Diffuse Reflection

ii)           Specular Reflection

Q9) a) Explain with neat diagrams and mathematical treatment Gauraud shading method.          [8]

b) Explain ray tracing from – cone and beam                                                                                                [8]


QIO) a) Explain with diagram and mathematical treatment Phong shading method.          [8]

b) Write short notes on following illumination models.                                                                               [8]

i)             Z Buffer Transparency

ii)           Shadows

QII) a) Define the term Virtual Reality.                                                                 [2]

b)        Explain virtual reality Languages                                                                    [8]

c)        Discuss the devices used in virtual reality.                                                    [8]


Q12) Discuss any application in detail in virtual reality with respect to following points. [18]

a)        Language and method used

b)        Devices used

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