Pune University BE Electronics Embedded System Question Papers

Pune University BE Electronics Embedded System Question Papers

B.E. (Electronics) EMBEDDED SYSTEM (2008 Pattern) (Sem. -1)

Time :3 Hours]                                                                           [Max. Marks :100

Instructions to the candidates:-

1)            Answer any 3 questions from each section.

2)            Answers to the two sections should be written in separate answer books.

3)             Pigures to the right indicate full marks.

4)            Assume suitable data, if necessary.

5)            Neat diagrams must be drawn wherever necessary.

6)             Use of non programmable electronic pocket calculators is allowed.


QI) a) Explain the design metrics in context with a case study.                 [8]

b) Explain the steps involved in software Development of Embedded System.



Q2) a) Define embedded systems, and give characteristics of typical Embedded systems.                                                                                                                [8]

b) Write short note on:                                                                                                [8]

i) Zigbee          ii) CAN

Q3) a) What is interrupt, Interrupt Vector address and Interrupt Service Routine (ISR)? What is its role in embedded application development? [10] b) Explain the RISC Design philosophy.        [8]


Q4) a) Explain different Embedded processor and give one of the internal Architecture of Embedded processor.                                                              [10]

b)            Explain Memory organization and Memory selection and interfacing aspects for Embedded application                                                                                       [8]


Q5) a) Draw and explain the block diagram of LPC 2148.                                           [8]

b)            Explain the ISP and IAP in LPC 2148 And also explain the status Registers and control Registers.                                                                                                [8]


Explain the ARM 7 LPC 2148 Data flow model and programming model.


Explain ARM 7 operating modes.                                                                  [8]


State all the on chip communication protocols of LPC 2148 and Explain the USB Device controller in detail.                                                                                                               [8]

Write and explain the code for 5*5 keyboard matrix interfacing with LPC 2148.  [8]


Explain steps to configure on chip ADC interface of LPC 2148 Also write a program to display analog input on LCD.                                                                                        [8]

Explain the software development tools in tool chain for Embedded System design.       [8]

Give the )J.cos – II RTOS features. Draw and Explain the l^cos – II Architecture in detail.         [12]

Explain preemptive and non preemptive Kernel.                                         [6]


Draw and explain the task state transition diagram of cos – II. [12] Explain shared data problem and methods to solve it.                                                                                            [6]

Explain priority inversion problem and solution for the same.                 [8]

Explain the tasks involved in Automatic chocolate vending machine. [8]


Explain Memory management in (i cos – II RTOS.                                     [8]

Explain the Embedded Systems application Cruise control.                     [8]

Total No. of Q

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