Pune University BE Chemical Advanced Sepration Processes Question Papers

Pune University BE Chemical Advanced Separation Processes

Question Papers

B.E. (Chemical) ADVANCED SEPARATION PROCESSES (2008 Pattern) (Elective – II) (Sem. – I)

Time :3 Hours]                                                                                              [Max. Marks :100

Instructions to the candidates:

1)          Answer to the two sections should be written in separate books.

2)          Neat diagrams must be drawn wherever necessary.

3)          Pigures to the right indicate full marks.

4)          Use of logarithmic tables, slide rule, Mollier charts, electronic pocket calculator and steam tables is allowed.

5)          Assume suitable data, if necessary.


QI) Explain in detail Liquid chromatography separation system and characterization of chromatography processes.                                                                                                        [18]


Q2) a) What are various applications of chromatography in separation of enzymes and proteins.                                                [6]

b)            Discuss all aspects of pressure swing regeneration.  [6]

c)             What is adsorption selectivity.

Q3) a) Explain various types of membranes .                                                                              [8]

b) State advantages of membrane separation processes over conventional processes.[8]


Q4) a) Explain Osmotic pressure with appropriate equation.

b)            Discuss all aspects of dialysis.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          [6]

c)             Explain Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technique used for separation of gas mixtures.[6]


Q5) Write short notes on :

a)             Separations based on reversible chemical complexation.

b)             Reactive distillation.


Q6) a) Distinguish between pervaporation and gas permeation processes. [8] b) Explain reactive crystallization in detail.                                                                                                 [8]


Q7) a) Give the classification of flotation technique based on mechanism and size of material.  [9]

b) Explain collapse and drianage phenomena. [9]


Q8) a) Explain modes of operation of foam fractionation equipment.                                                                                                    [9]

b) State and explain the adsorption properties of foam. [9]

Q9) Write note on :        [IT]

a)             Counter current electrophoresis.

b)            Adductive crystallization.


QI 0) a) What is zone refining.                                                                    [8]

b) What are molecular sieves and state its advantages.   [8]

QII) Explain the following terms in detail.                                                                                              [IT]

a)             Recoil method.

b)             Exchange Reaction.


Q12) a) Explain selection of separation processes with one case study. [10]

b) Write note on Ultracentrifuge in detail.                    [T]


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