Pune University BE Biotechnology Bioenergy and Renewable Resources Question Papers

Pune University Previous Papers


(2008 Pattern)

(Elective – II) (Sem. – I)

Time :3 Hours]                                                                                              [Max. Marks :100

Instructions to the candidates:

1)            Answer three questions from Section -1 and Section – II.

2)            Answer to the two sections should be written in separate books.

3)            Neat diagrams must be drawn wherever necessary.

4)             Pigures to the right indicate full marks.


Q1 Describe the following methods of power generation :                                         [18]

a)         Solar Energy.

b)        Wind Energy.

c)        Fuel Cell.


Q2) a) What is the environmental impact of conventional energy sources? Give advantages of non-conventional energy.                                                                                          [9]

b) Describe briefly conventional and non-conventional energy sources. [9]

Q3) a) Describe with neat sketch working of wind energy systems with main components.       [8]

b) Explain in detail the geothermal energy and classify.                                     [8]


Q4) a) What is the basic principle of wind energy conversion system, explain briefly.    [8]

b) Write a brief note on :                                                                                           [8]

i)              Geothermal energy

ii)           Wave and tidal energy.


Q5) a) Write a short note on solar power and its applications.                          [8]

b) Describe the principle of power generation in solar photovoltaic system. [8]


Q6) a) Comment on need of solar energy to World and India.                         [8]

b) Describe briefly the different methods of producing hydrogen from solar energy.        [8]


Q7) a) Write a brief note on biomass and biogas.                                                [9]

b) What is photobioreactor? Explain types and advantages of each. [9]


Q8) a) Define biodiesel and the properties of biodiesel.                                    [9]

b) Explain in detail the steps involved in the production of biodiesel from microalgae.    [9]

Q9) a) Describe the common methods for alcohol production.                        [8]

b) Explain the concept of biorefinery and its economics.                                  [8]


QIO) Describe the different pretreatment processes undertaken for ethanol production from lignocellulosic materials.                                                                            [16]

Qll) a) Comment on Hydrogen as fuel of the future.                                          [8]

b) Explain the factors affecting biogas production.                                                                                     [8]


Q12) What are the method for maintaining biogas production.          [16]

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