Pune University BE Automobile Engineering Exam Question Papers

Pune University BE Automobile Engineering Exam Question Papers

B.E. (Production Engineering) AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING (2008 Pattern) (Elective – III) (Sem. – II)

Time: 3 Hours]                                                                                              [Max. Marks :100

Instructions to the candidates:

1)            Answer one questions from each Unit in Section -1 and Section – II.

2)            Answers to the two sections should be written in separate answer books.

3)            Figures to the right indicate full marks.

4)            Assume suitable data, if necessary.

SECTION – I Unit – I

Q1) a) Explain the working of simple carburetor.                                                           [8]

b)            Explain the difference between Two and Four Stroke Engines. [8]

c)            What do you mean by “Chassis” in automobile?                                         [2]


Q2) a) Explain the working of 4-stroke diesel engine.                               [8]

b)            Describe the working of steering system mechanism.                                [8]

c)            What do you mean by Articulated vehicle?                                                  [2]

Unit – II

Q3) a) Explain in detail the components used in water cooling system with neat diagram.          [9]

b) Write a short note on anti-freeze solution.                                                         [7]


Q4) a) Give Advantage and Disadvantage of Air Cooled System.                               [8]

b) What is Pump circulation system? Explain.                                                      [8]


Unit – III

Q5) a) Explain in brief Wet sump lubrication.                                                        [8]

b) List out the various tests performed on lubricants.                                           [8]


Q6) a) Explain the requirements of ignition system.                                              [8]

b) What are the different types of lubricant?                                                          [8]


Q7) a) Explain the working of clutch.                                                                       [8]

b) Explain the working of differential with the help of Diagram. [10]


Q8) a) Explain the components of clutch.                                                             [12]

b) Where are dog clutches used?                                                                              [6]

Unit – V

Q9) a) What is the use of suspension system? What are the objectives of suspension system?                                                                                                            [8]

b) Write short note on shock absorber and Torsional bar.                                    [8]


Q10)a) Explain different types of springs?                                                              [8]

b) What are the components of the steering system?                                            [8]

Unit – VI

Q11)a) Explain the different types of braking system used in automobile. [10] b) Write the functions of brakes in an automobile.                                                             [6]


Q12)a) What is mean by servicing? And explain different types of servicing. [8] b) Write short note on anti skid braking?                                                                                 [8]

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