How To Practice CAT Mock Test 2019 | Do’s & Dont’s For CAT Online Test

How To Practice with CAT Mock Test 2019

Practice with CAT Mock Test 2019: Do you want to pursue MBA from Top Institution? Are you preparing for CAT exam 2019? Are you practicing CAT Mock Test daily?

If you answer is yes then you are two steps ahead then so many aspirants. But you have to practice CAT mock test properly to get a better score in CAT exam 2019.

Don’t worry! Here we are going to elaborate on how you should practice CAT mock test 2019.

How To Practice CAT Mock Test 2019

You are already aware that practice makes anyone perfect. If you practice daily a task, you will become more proficient on it sometime. When you are preparing a prestigious competitive exam like CAT, you have to prepare appropriately. There is a vast future scope after completion of MBA in India.

Daily practice CAT online test will help you to examine the level of preparation for the actual exam. CAT practice test let you evaluate your current preparation status. So you can easily find the weaker section and focus more on those sections to create a better base.


By practicing daily, it will boost your analyzing speed and also develop a better time management skill for the actual exam. So you should practice CAT mock test after completion of the study of all sections. You can easily download the CAT mock paper PDF.

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Types of CAT Online Test

CAT mock test has three main types. You have to practice CAT practice set to develop depth concept on various sections

  • Topic-based Mock Tests: This is the first kind of CAT mock test you should take just after the accomplishment of a topic.CAT topic-based mock tests will help you to find your proficiency in every topic. 
  • Sectional Mock Tests: You should take the sectional mock test just after completion of a section. CAT Sectional Mock Test will help you to know your preparation level for each section.
  • Full Mock Tests: It is the last and final type CAT mock test. It will let you know about the real CAT exam. CAT Full Mock test consists of three sections. These are Verbal Ability, Quantitative Ability Data Interpretation, and Logical Reasoning. You can say it is a replica of the main CAT exam. So you have to take this test after completion of all topic and section-wise tests.

How To Evaluate Yourself From CAT Mock Test?

You have to analyze and evaluate properly after giving a mock test. After finding your area of strength and weakness, you have to replan your daily study schedule. You have to provide priority to those weaker sections.

You have considered the following factors while evaluating yourself from CAT mock test:

Time: You should check the time you have taken to solve each question. You have to start the easiest sections in final exam first to save more time.

Accuracy: Check your accuracy against the number of attempts. Because less accuracy can bring down the percentile, try to increase accuracy every time.

Check the silly mistakes: Mock test will help to understand the stupid mistakes and rectify them in the main CAT exam.

Short-cuts: You should know the shortcuts to solve the problem. It will help you to save more time.

Practice CAT Online Test 2019: Do’s in Mock CAT

Practice CAT mock test daily to improve your preparation level. Before starting a mock test, you should keep in mind the following points

  • Attempt every test seriously as possible as you can.
  • Try to build better strength.
  • Analyze your strong and weak sections.
  • Develop better time management speed.
  • Try To boost problem-solving time.
  • Try different techniques.
  • Try to take as many as possible before the CAT exam.
  • Maintain a proper rough sheet to figure out where you are committing calculation errors and other silly mistakes.
  • Solve all the questions that you couldn’t solve or get wrong during the exam without any time limit.
  • Always bookmarks critical questions to revise it properly. 

CAT Online Test: Don’ts in Mock CAT Practice Test

  • Don’t be critics. You don’t have to take percentile scores seriously and get demotivated. Take it as a tool to analyze your current preparation level only.
  • You don’t have to over-analyze your mock scores and start guessing it as your actual scores. But you should keep track of your performance trend and try to boost it.
  • You should not waste time if you are stuck at a question. Solve the next set of questions. Note it down and discuss with the right set of people or in online forums.
  • Do not take multiple CAT Mock Test in a day to increase your Mock CAT count. You should mainly focus on the accuracy level.

We have provided a complete guide on how to practice CAT Mock Test 2019. If you have any queries related CAT Mock Test, please let us know in the comment section.

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