Planet Earth Life in Danger ebook

Plenet Earth Life in Danger Ebook



Content of the books

Preface vii

1. Global Climate Change and Dehumanization
Human cum Social Inequality 1
Challenge of global climate change 5
Genesis and effects of green house gases 13
Effects of global climate change 15
Global deforestation 35
Role of UN 36
UNIPCC summary report 38
Who is responsible 67
Repairing of environmental degradation 67
Sceptic viewpoint about global climate change 68


2. Challenge of Global Dehumanization/Human cum Social Inequality 83


3. Fundamental Challenge to Mankind: A Summary 92

4. Market Regulated Global Corporate
Capitalist Model/System 102
Capitalist school of thought 102
Historical experience of market regulated global corporate
capitalist system 104
Chemical based global agriculture 127
The positive and negative features of global corporate capitalism 131

5. Socialist-Communist Model 134
Marxian school of thought 134
Positive and negative historical experience of
socialist-communist model/system 136


6. Lessons of Corporate Capitalist and Communist
Model/System 150

7. Nature-Mankind Friendly Global
Confederal Model 155
Nature-mankind friendly philosophy 155
Nature-mankind friendly fundamental vision 160
Nature-mankind friendly fundamental goal 161
Fundamental guiding principles 161
Nature-mankind friendly global
confederal political model 164
Global judicial system 171
Nature-mankind friendly global
confederal security system 172
Nature-mankind friendly global
confederal economic model 173
Nature-mankind friendly global diplomacy 182
Nature-mankind friendly global value
system and global culture 187
Nature-mankind friendly global
confederal constitution 189

8. Implementation of Save Nature-Mankind
Global Agenda: Nature-Mankind Friendly
Global Confederal Model 190
Theoretical and awareness aspect 190
The aspect of global movement 191
Organizational aspect 192
Propaganda aspect 193
The aspect of funds 193
Functioning aspect 193


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