How one should prepare for IES Mains (CIVIL)?

Civil Engineering:

IES preparation has two aspects.

i) Your basics are strong and you just need to brush up your skills.( i.e you don’t need coaching and crack the exam)

ii) You need coaching as you want to get upper edge from other candidates.

Have a look on Syllabus of ESE 2017. There are approx 20-35% changes has been done in syllabus. First go for the subjects which has been there in earlier syllabus also. While studying those and solving previous year questions, you will get an trend going in ESE. According to that ready the remaining new syllabus. For new topics, refer standard technical books and their solved examples.

Must have Books for IES Civil Engineering Preparation:

  1. Civil Engineering (OBJECTIVE TYPE) By Dr. P.Jaya Rami Reddy Click Here
  2. Practice Sets Civil Engineering By Piyush Gupta Click Here
  3. A Handbook On Civil Engineering By Prof. Jyoti Nag Click Here
  4. Civil Engineering Objective Type Questions By S S Bhavikatti Click Here
  5. Elements Of Civil Engineering By Mimi Das Saikia Click Here
  6. Objective Civil Engineering Railway And Other Engineering Competitive Exams By P.K Mishra Click Here

Recommended Books based on syllabus for Conventional Paper-I & Paper-II:

  • First Solve previous year questions subject wise.
  • If time permits, solve unsolved/solved questions from standard books(at least have a look at the solved questions)
  • You can avoid writing down the theory questions initially, however if you do that, will help in developing your speed.
  • Use these books:
  1. Fluid Mechanics Including Hydraulic Machines by Dr. A.K. Jain  Click Here 
  2. Concrete Technology (Theory And Practice) by M S Shetty Click Here 
  3. Engineering Mechanics Statics And Dynamics By A K Tayal Click Here 
  4. Engineering Fluid Mechanics by P Balachandran Click Here
  5. Mechanics Of Solids By Arbind Kumar Singh Click Here
  6. Irrigation Engineering By Dr. P.N. Darde Click Here
  7. Limit State Design Of Reinforced Concrete By P C Varghese Click Here
  8. Concrete Technology By S.S Bhavikatti Click Here
  9. Design Of RCC Structural Elements Click Here
  10. Soil Mechanics By M Palanikumar Click Here
  11. Foundation Engineering By P C Varghese Click Here
  12. Analysis And Design Practice Of Steel Structures By Karuna Moy Ghosh Click Here
  13. Strength Of Materials By S.S Bhavikatti Click Here
  14. A Textbook Of Strength Of Materials Mechanics Of Solids By Dr. R.K. Bansal Click Here
  15. Strength Of Materials By A.K Srivastava & P.C Gope Click Here
  16. Strength Of Materials By P.N Chandramouli Click Here
  17. Surveying Vol.I By B.C Punmia Click Here
  18. Surveying Vol.I By B.C Punmia  Click Here
  19. Practical Design Of Reinforced Concrete Structures By Karuna Moy Ghosh Click Here
  20. Design Of Reinforced Concrete Structures By M.LGambhir Click Here
  21. Structural Analysis-I By S.S Bhavikatti Click Here
  22. Structural Analysis-II By S.S Bhavikatti Click Here
  23. Engineering Geology For Civil Engineers By P C Varghese Click Here

In last 30 days just solve previous year question papers, give tests daily(FULL syllabus) and revise formulas.If you have any query, please comment.
Hope this will help you 🙂

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