NEET Preparation in Last One Month

NEET Preparation in Last One Month | Tips from Experts and Toppers

NEET Preparation in Last One Month
NEET Preparation in Last One Month | Tips from Experts and Toppers

Are you appearing for NEET 2019? Confused on how to complete all portions in last one month? Well, here is the solution to all your confusions. We have come up with NEET preparation tips and strategy by experts and NEET toppers. You can definitely score cent percent marks and get into your desired college if you follow these preparation tips by experts. As there is a month left for NEET 2019 exam and there is time for NEET Admit Card 2019 to be released, it is natural that students get tensed and confused about what to study. So, here is the NEET Preparation tips to prepare in the last one month. The NEET preparation strategy to excel in NEET exam includes three parts: Study routine, Quick revision, and Regular Mock Test. Below is the detailed steps to follow these preparation strategies.

NEET Preparation: How to prepare for NEET in the last 1 Month?

Below are the three components for NEET preparation. Go through them carefully to score 100% marks in upcoming NEET exam 2019.

1. Study Routine

One of the most important NEET preparation tips is to formulate a proper study routine in the last month, which will ensure that an appropriate amount of time is set aside for each subject.

  • Study Hours– Allocate around 14 hours each day to study with small breaks in the last one month left for NEET. Continuous studies will help aspirants regularize study schedule, reduce stress caused by indiscipline and provide ample time to revise the vast NEET syllabus in just one month. make sure you have all the necessary NEET Preparation Books that covers all topics.
  • Divide time– Divide the study hours between the revision of NEET 2019 syllabus, NEET mock test practice, and analysis of errors. If time permits, you can also work more on developing conceptual clarity of problems.
  • Study Materials– Do not try to solve any study materials other than the necessary. Make sure you have the right NEET Study Materials that cover all the topics and concepts according to the latest syllabus.
  • Stress Busters– Limit the presence of distractions like social media, games, etc. Use these only either as means for refreshment or as stress busters. Remember that these are to be used during study breaks only, and cracking the exam should remain the main goal.

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2. Quick Revision

The trick of well planned NEET preparation in the last one-month lies in doing the right revision

  • Question-based Revision– To revise a particular chapter or topic from Physics, Chemistry or Biology choose 45-50 random MCQ questions (as per NEET 2019 exam pattern) from that chapter/topic/unit and solve them in 45 minutes. Repeat this strategy for revision of all chapters of Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.
  • Solving question papers– You can do quick revision by solving NEET Previous Year Question Papers which will make you get explored to the different type of questions.
  • Comprehensive Revision– After question-based revision, revise the subjects from respective NCERT books, modules, and notes prepared during the early stages of preparations. Compress important points into one-page diagrams or notes and go through these regularly in the last week, if necessary.

3. Regular Mock Tests

According to experts and toppers, mock tests are advised to be taken once NEET preparation is completed.

  • Stimulate exam Time– Once you are done with the preparation, practice full-length mock test same as the NEET exam. Doing this, you can manage your time, and increase your speed while answering.
  • Performance Analysis– After taking up each NEET Mock Test, analyze your performance. Take notes of weak areas and work on them during revision time. Also, keep a note of recurring mistakes.

So, students who are appearing for the upcoming NEET 2019 exam, can implement these NEET Preparation strategies and excel in all the subjects. Start your preparation now and score 100% marks in the NEET exam with the right NEET Books.

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