NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 2 The Address

English though seems an easy subject compared to the graveness of other core subjects out there, it is one of the interesting topics to study in class 11. So, what makes your choice of guide book the best? Undoubtedly the NCERT Solutions For Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 2 The Address is the best reference to prepare chapter 2 from Snapshots.

NCERT and CBSE are building the future of young aspirants who dreams to achieve big in the forthcoming days. Therefore for a clear understanding of the topics, NCERT offers a simplified foundation to grasp the content with just twice or thrice reading of the chapters.

NCERT Solutions For Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 2 The Address

The whole story shows us human issues that narrates down a particular situation following the post-war and pre-war timeline. Mrs S who was a rich lady and was Jews by religion. On the other hand, Mrs Dorling was non-Jews by birth. The girl is the daughter of Mrs S who went through the unfortunate event of losing her mother in the consequence of the war. So, she decides to take back what belongs to her mother. Therefore visits Mrs Dorling whose address was offered to the girl by the mother and it was a long-gone year affair.

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Summary For Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 2 The Address

The story starts just after the daughter rings the doorbell to the home of Mrs Dorling. Mrs Dorling lived in No 46 Marconi Street and gave a very cold reception to the daughter of Mrs S. Mrs Dorling assumed that every member of Mrs S family died in the war and enquired if there is anyone else who accompanied her. Additionally, Mrs Dorling was cold feet in allowing the guest to enter the house and therefore asked her whether she can come back later.

To the protagonist’s attention fell the green cardigan which was actually her mother’s which was currently worn by Mrs Dorling. During wartime, Mrs Dorling visited the protagonist’s place pretty often, and in this course of time, her mother handed over all her stuff to preserve them till the war get over.

As we proceed with the story the protagonist, notices many of the familiar items that sometimes before belonged to her mother. What broke her heart was, she found out that all her mother’s belonging were not taken care off and was arranged in a horrific manner. When a cup of tea was offered to her she patiently noticed the same burn mark from before over the table cloth. Later, Mrs Dorling’s daughter continued showing the silver forks and spoons that genuinely belonged to Mrs S. This shocks and make her decide to leave the place. This brought back memories from the past that saddened her. Thus she decides to leave the place and forget the address forever.

Benefits of NCERT Solutions For Class 11 English Snapshots

  1. Once you start reading the study material you will find that the chapters are well arranged in easy language that makes you understand the topics in a simplified form. With just once or twice reading, you will get a clear cut view of the topic thus helping you great with the forthcoming exams.
  2. Since the language is easy, you are bound to complete your syllabus on time. Therefore you will get enough time to evaluate your weakness and strengths over the chapters. This is a solid advantage of NCERT solutions.
  3. Additionally, with fast completion of the subject, you get ample time to start with question banks, sample papers and previous year question papers that will again strengthen your exam preparation for the finals.
  4. And NCERT solutions are the best for preparing for your CBSE boards. Start from your 11th to have a practice that you can continue for the 12th grade as well.


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