NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 6 Thermodynamics

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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 6 Thermodynamics

NCERT Solutions Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 6 PDF which will help students understand topics such as Thermodynamics Terms, The system and surrounding, Types of the System, The state of the system, The internal Energy as a state function, application, Work, Enthalpy, Measurement of Du and Dh, Calorimetry, Enthalpy change, Drh of a reaction- Reaction Enthalpy, Enthalpies for different types of reactions, Spontaneity, Gibbs Energy Change, and Equilibrium. Get 100% accurate CBSE, NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 6 ( Thermodynamics) solved by expert chemistry teachers. We provide solutions for questions given in the class 11 Chemistry text-book as per CBSE Board guidelines from the latest NCERT book for class 11 chemistry.

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What will you learn in CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 6 Thermodynamics?

The sixth chapter in the NCERT class 11 textbook is “Thermodynamics”. Thermodynamics is a branch of science that deals with the relationship between heat and other forms of energy. A part of the universe where observations are made is called system. The surrounding of a system is the part of the universe that does not contain the system.

Based on the exchange of energy and matter, thermodynamic systems can be classified into 3 types: closed system, open system, and an isolated system. In a closed system, only energy can be exchanged with the surrounding. In an open system energy as well as matter can be exchanged with the surrounding. In an isolated system, both energy and matter cannot be exchanged with the surrounding. NCERT Class 11 chemistry Chapter 6, Thermodynamics is from chemistry Part 1 and belongs to unit 6. Unit 6 along with Unit 4, Unit 5 and Unit 6 and Unit 7 holds a weightage of 21 marks. In this chapter, the students will be introduced to Thermodynamics, Its meaning, application, and uses. This chapter will help students build a foundation for Grade 12 and further competitive exams.

Subtopics included in Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 6 Chemical Thermodynamics

  • Thermodynamic Terms
    • The System and the Surroundings
    • Types of Thermodynamic Systems
    • State of the System
    • Internal Energy as a State Function
  • Applications
    • Work
    • Enthalpy, H
  • Measurement Of ΔU And ΔH: Calorimetry
  • Enthalpy Change and Reaction Enthalpy
  • Enthalpies For Different Types Of Reactions
  • Spontaneity
  • Gibbs Energy Change And Equilibrium

We cover all exercises in Chapter 6 – all 22 questions with solutions.

Other than given exercises students are encouraged to practice all the solved examples given in the book to clear your concepts on Thermodynamics.


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