Must Read Engineering Books and Study Materials to Ace Your Exams

Engineering is the application of scientific knowledge to solving problems in the real world. While science allows us to gain an understanding of the World and the Universe, Engineering enables this understanding to come to life through problem-solving, designing and building things. In simple words, engineers identify a problem and come up with a solution – often creating something completely new in the process.

It is said that engineering is not just a degree, but a way of thinking. Even though the number of engineers in India has proliferated over recent years, the demand for good engineers has remained constant. In order to secure admission to an engineering college, it is mandatory for you to have passed the 10+2 with subjects like physics, chemistry, and mathematics. According to the new format introduced by the government, you must undertake the Joint Entrance Exam exams in order to secure admission to an undergraduate course in the Indian Institutes of Technology, National Institutes of Technology and other centrally funded institutions.

Exam Pattern In Engineering :

The undergraduate engineering course is usually 8 semesters, or four years, after which a student receives a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in the specified field chosen. They need to choose the area of specialization like electrical, electronics, mechanical etc.The schedule of B.Tech Exam is normally held at the end of the semester. There is a gap of normally 6 months between each exam. One of the main advantages of semester system is that it reduces students’ burden. An academic system is divided into two terms called semesters. According to students, though this has helped them prepare better for the exams, in-depth knowledge of the subjects is missing.

Best Engineering Books And Study Materials :

Mechanical Engineering :

Hand Book Of Mechanical Engineering by Sadhu Singh

Rs. 1150.00 – Just in Rs. 736.00

Elements Of Mechanical Engineering by Sadhu Singh

Rs. 200.00 – Just in Rs. 128.00

Experiments In Fluid Mechanics by Sarbjit Singh

Rs. 225.00 – Just in Rs. 135.00

Textbook Of Machine Drawing By K C John

Rs. 350.00 – Just in Rs. 210.00

A Textbook Of Fluid Mechanics And Hydraulic Machines by R K Bansal

Rs. 650.00 – Just in Rs. 312.00

A Textbook Of Strength Of Materials Mechanics Of Solids By Dr R K Bansal

Rs. 625.00 – Just in Rs. 300.00

Civil Engineering :

Concrete Technology (Theory And Practice) by M S Shetty

Rs. 695.00 – Just in Rs. 444.80

Reinforced Concrete Structures Vol I by B C Punmia

Rs. 495.00 – Just in Rs. 237.60

Surveying Vol I by Dr. B.C.Punmia, Ashok Kumar Jain, Dr Arun Kuma Jain

Rs. 525.00 – Just in Rs. 252.00

Surveying Vol II by Dr. B. C. Punmia, Ashok Kumar Jain, Dr Arun Kuma Jain

Rs. 525.00 – Just in Rs. 420.00

Building Construction by J. Jha and S.K. Sinha

Rs. 255.00 – Just in Rs. 122.40

A Text Book of Surveying and Levelling by R. Agor

Rs. 395.00 – Just in Rs. 189.60

Electrical Engineering :

Control System Design by B.S. Manke

Rs. 160.00 – Just in Rs. 76.80

An Introduction To High Voltage Engineering by Sabir Ray

Rs. 275.00 – Just in Rs. 165.00

Principles Of Power System (Multicolor Edition) by V K Mehta And Rohit Mehta

Rs. 595.00 – Just in Rs. 380.80

An Introduction To Electrical Engineering Materials by C S Indulkar

Rs. 275.00 – Just in Rs. 176.00

An Introduction To Power System Vol.I by Manish Goel & Gaurav Gupta

Rs. 275.00 – Just in Rs. 176.00

Electrical Machines by Deshpande

Rs. 350.00 – Just in Rs. 210.00

Electronics And Communication Engineering :

VLSI Design by Raj, A Albert, T Latha

Rs. 350.00 – Just in Rs. 210.00

Analog Communication by Dr. R. S. Sedha

Rs. 300.00 – Just in Rs. 192.00

Wireless Communication by Er. Rishabh Anand

Rs. 225.00 – Just in Rs. 144.00

Digital Communication by V. K. Khanna

Rs. 240.00 – Just in Rs. 153.60

Microwave Semiconductor Devices by Roy And Mitra

Rs. 195.00 – Just in Rs. 117.00

Microwave And Radar Engineering With Lab Manual by Vinith Chauhan

Rs. 495.00 – Just in Rs. 237.60

Computer Science Engineering :

Digital Image Processing And Pattern Recognition by Pakhira

Rs. 425.00 – Just in Rs. 255.00

Object – Oriented Programming Using C++ by N.P.Gopalan, B.Sivaselvan, C.Mala

Rs. 175.00 – Just in Rs. 105.00

Programming In Java by Dr. S. S. Khandare

Rs. 250.00 – Just in Rs. 160.00

Database Management System A Practical Approach by Rajiv Chopra

Rs. 400.00 – Just in Rs. 256.00

Data Warehousing : Concepts, Techniques, Products And Applications by C S R Prabhu

Rs. 225.00 – Just in Rs. 135.00

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