Material Science ME Syllabus

Material Science ME SYllabus



PH-206 Material Science

Crystal Structure: Fundamental concepts, Closed packed structures, Crystal systems,Crystallographic
planes and directions, Miller indices, Point defects.
Electrical Properties: Classical free electron theory of metals, Quantum theory – Particle in a box, Wave
function and energy states, Finite potential barrier, Tunneling, Fermi-Dirac distribution law, Density of
energy states, Kronig-Penney model, Classification of solids into conductors, Semiconductors and insulators,
Zone schemes, Effective mass, Hall effect and applications.
Dielectric Properties: Dielectric materials, Polarization mechanisms, Dipole moment, Dielectric strength,
Methods for producing polarization, Application of dielectric materials.
Magnetic Properties: Basic concepts, Soft and hard magnetic materials, Ferrites, Selection techniques for
applications, Magnetic recording, Magnetic memories.
Optical Properties: Index of refraction, Damping constant, Characteristic penetration depth and absorbance,
Reflectivity and transmissivity, Atomic theory of the optical properties, Optical storage devices.
Superconductivity: Properties of superconductors, London equations, Quantum explanation of
superconductivity, Applications of superconductors.
Ceramics: Basic structures and properties, Processing of ceramic materials, Conduction in ionic materials,
Ceramic dielectric.
Semiconductor Materials: Intrinsic and extrinsic materials, Electron and hole concentrations at equilibrium,
Temperature dependence of carrier concentrations, Conductivity and mobility, Effect of temperature and
doping on mobility, Direct and indirect recombination of electron and holes, Diffusion and drift of carriers,
Diffusion length, Contact potential.

Books Recommended:
1. Hummel R E “Electronic Properties of Materials”, Narosa Publishing House, New Delhi, (1997)
2. William D Callister, Jr “Materials Science and Engineering”, John Wiley and Sons, Inc. New
York, (2002)
3. Dekker A J “Solid State Physics”, MacMillan, India Limited, Madras, (2000)
4. Pillai S O “ Solid State Physics”, New Age International Publishers, New Delhi, (1999)
5. Van Vlack L H “Elements of Material Science and Engineering”, Addison Wesley Publishers
6. Streetman B G and Banerjee S “Solid State Electron Devices”, Prentice Hall of India, New Delhi,

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