MAT Exam Analysis 2021: Detailed Analysis of MAT Exam Paper

MAT Exam Analysis 2021: MAT Exam Analysis helps students to prepare well for the upcoming MAT Exams. The CBT version of MAT MBA Exam 2020-21 was held on February 20, 2021. With no changes in the exam design, the MAT CBT question paper is said to be of easy to moderate complexity. In this article, you can get a detailed overview of the MAT Exam 2021.

MAT 2021 Exam Analysis: Overview

The MAT test PBT, CBT, and IBT patterns are all the same. Important information about the MAT 2021 question paper is given in the table below.



Total Number of Questions


Number of Sections


Number of Answer Options


Maximum Marks Per Question


Negative Marking

– 0.25

Maximum Raw Score


Maximum Scaled Score out of which percentile score to be awarded


Sections Considered for Percentile Calculation

Four (Indian & Global Environment not considered)

Number of Questions Considered for Percentile Calculation


Section Wise MAT Exam Analysis 2021

MAT 2021 Analysis: Language Comprehension

The MAT 2021 CBT February exam’s Language Comprehension part rated simple to moderately challenging. There were ten questions on each of the two Reading and Comprehension texts. According to some test-takers, other questions in this part included idioms/phrases, antonyms, synonyms, fill in the gaps, para jumbles, sentence correction and one-word replacement, and summary questions.

MAT 2021 Analysis: Intelligence & Critical Reasoning

The Intelligence & Critical Reasoning part was also simple to moderately challenging. According to student analysis of the MAT 2021 exam, this part had a fair mix of several sorts of reasoning problems, such as blood connection, alphanumeric series, letter series, coding-decoding (letter-based), Venn diagram, comparison, distribution, and so on. The segment may easily be finished in 30-40 minutes.

MAT 2021 Analysis: Mathematical Skills

This portion of the MAT 2021 question paper contains questions from common subjects such as arithmetic, contemporary maths, geometry, and algebra. The part was dominated by math problems, and its difficulty level may be described as medium challenging. The majority of the questions were simple and could be completed in 30-40 minutes.

MAT 2021 Analysis: Data Analysis and Sufficiency

This portion of MAT 2021 came as no surprise. The questions were simple and largely from static GK. Some of the questions were based on recent occurrences. Overall, the Indian and Global Environment portion is simple and can be completed within 15 minutes.

MAT Exam Analysis 2021: Indian and Global Environment

This portion of MAT 2021 came as no surprise. The questions were simple and largely from static GK. Some of the questions were based on recent occurrences. Overall, the Indian and Global Environment portion is simple and can be completed within 15 minutes.

Analysis of the MAT 2021 Question Paper

The pattern did not change in the MAT 2021 CBT question paper. Check out the MAT Exam Analysis chart below for a section-by-section breakdown.

Sections of the Subject

Number of Questions

Suggested Time (in minutes)

Language Comprehension



Mathematical Skills



Data Analysis and Sufficiency



Intelligence and Critical Reasoning



Indian and Global Environment






December 2020 MAT Exam Analysis: Sectional Breakup

The table below shows the subjects covered in MAT parts as well as their difficulty levels.

MAT Sections


Difficulty Level

Language Comprehension

RC, Sentence formation errors, vocabulary, synonyms/antonyms, FIB, one word substitution, para jumbles

Easy to Moderate

Mathematical Skills

Interest, Percentages, Time and Work, Profit, Loss, Partnership, Algebra, Geometry

Moderate to Difficult

Data Analysis and Sufficiency

Graphs, Pie Charts, Bar Diagrams, Charts, Line Graph, Data Comparison


Intelligence and Critical Reasoning

Family Relation, Statement Cause & Effect, Series, Assumptions, Reasons, Analogies

Moderate to Difficult

Indian and Global Environment

International, Advertising, Awards, Books, Economy, Business


Must-Read: MAT Preparation Tips

  • Concentrate on things that you find simple. You can skip questions about difficult topics in the exam.
  • To get command of the MAT Syllabus, practice MAT mock exams.
  • Make small notes and modify them on a daily basis.
  • Ascertain that you have a fundamental knowledge of all of the topics.
  • Recognize the pattern of the paper, the structure of the test, and the marking scheme.
  • Set aside time in the previous 30 days for topic-by-topic editing.
  • Concentrating on each section’s strengths and weaknesses

Ultimate MAT Exam Preparation Tips

We have covered everything related to MAT Exam Analysis 2021. If you have any doubts related to the MAT Exam, feel free to ask any queries in the comment section below.

FAQs related to MAT Exam Analysis 

How is the MAT score calculated?

Each MAT part contains 40 questions, each worth one mark. Five parts amount to a total of 200 marks. The MAT score indicates the points out of a possible 200.

What is the difference between a MAT score and a MAT percentile?

The MAT score is assigned out of a possible 200 points (includes all five sections). MAT percentile, on the other hand, is determined out of 160 marks, i.e. after deleting the 5th sector.

What exactly is the MAT composite score?

The composite score is based on a scale of 800. The scaled score between 0 and 199 is translated to an 800-point composite score.

What constitutes a good MAT composite score?

In the MAT, a composite score of 400 or more is considered an excellent score. The candidate’s score on the scorecard might vary from 199 to 801.

What is a good MAT percentile?

As per the MAT Exam Analysis, a percentile score of 90 or higher can get you calls from top business schools. A score of 80 percentile, on the other hand, might result in some good offers for MBA admission.

What is the MAT score’s validity?

The MAT score is valid for one year. After the scorecard expires, candidates must retake the MAT.

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