Know how to use the support material | It is prepared to supplement the NCERT textbook

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1. This support material is prepared to supplement the NCERT textbook.This is not the replacement of NCERT textbook. It is neither a guide nor a refresher.

2. Chapter-wise synopsis is given to show the degree of importance in respect of various concepts .While preparing for examination and concepts/questions can be given more emphasis to pass in examination.

3. Preparation of highlighted/dark words is very much helpful to achieve passing mark as well as to reach highest score in the subject.

4. Flow charts/mind map are made for instant revision of chapters.

5. Chapter-wise questions given in support material can be used for self-assessment, assignment and revision of the chapters.

6. Last three years CBSE questions and selected sure shot questions with solution have been given in the last section of every chapter.This will help students to acquaint with nature and pattern of CBSE questions.

7. Split up of syllabus, distribution of marks as per CBSE guidelines have been given as annexures.

9. Read “points to remember” and highlighted words— prepare mind map, flow chart/ tables—– Solve test questions—- Solve CBSE questions—— Writing practice.


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