IIT Mumbai Civil Engineering Chemistry Syllabus 1st year

IIT Mumbai Civil Engineering Chemistry I Syllabus 1st year 1st Sem


CH 101 Chemistry-I      


Failure of classical mechanics; uncertainty principle; wave nature of particle; postulates of  quantum mechanics and the Schrodinger equation; particle in a box; hydrogen atom; atomic  and molecular orbitals; chemical bonding and molecular energy levels. State functions;  entropy (S) and free energy (G); relation between G and emf, Calculations of S, G; fugacitics  and activities and the equilibrium constant; Rate laws and orders; steady state approximation;  Chain reactions (polymerisation, explosion); Photochemical reactions; Molecular reaction  dynamics (Activated complexes, potential energy surfaces and trajectories) Catalysis. Texts/References B. Mahan, University Chemistry, 4th Edition, Narosa. P. Atkins, Physical Chemistry, 4th and 5th editions ELBS

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