IIT Kharagpur crop production technology syllabus Crop Genomics and Biotechnology


IIT Kharagpur crop production technology syllabusCrop Genomics and Biotechnology





Crop Genomics and Biotechnology

The structure of plant genomes: DNA, chromatin and chromosome structure;

Regulation of gene expression.Genomic toolbox: Enzymes for DNA

manipulation; Gene cloning; PCR.Genome mapping and sequencing: Genetic

and physical maps; DNA markers; FISH; Methodology of DNA

sequencing.Functional genomics: DNA microarray; TILLING; EST

analysis.Gene transfer and transgenic plants: Agrobacterium-mediated gene

transfer; Direct gene transfer; Genetic manipulation of herbicide and pest resistance; Generation of  flavor savor tomato and golden rice; Crop

improvement through antisense and RNAi technology.

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