IIT Kharagpur crop production technology syllabus

IIT Kharagpur syllabus crop production technology 


Mechanical Operations in Food Processing

3 – 0 – 0 : 3 Credits Prerequsites: None

Overview of the various mechanical operations carried out in food

processing: Particle size analysis and energy requirement in size reduction of

solid foods; Homogenization of milk fat in high pressure homogenizer;

milling of grains and recovery of various products; drag forces on a particle

moving in fluid, pneumatic conveying, pressure drop in fixed and fluidized

beds of granular materials; flow rate and pressure drop in single screw


Mechanical separation of solids, liquids and gases: sieving, pressure

filtration, centrifugal separation in centrifuges and cyclones; agitation and

mixing of liquids and solids. Conveyance of food grain and powder in screw

and vibratory conveyors.

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