IIT Kanpur Syllabus Protein Structure And Engineering

IIT Kanpur Syllabus

Protein Structure And Engineering 





Purification of proteins, Chromatography principles, methods to estimate the concentration & purity, Principles of Protein Structure, Methods to determine 3D-Structures. X-ray crystallography and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance methods, Biological Membranes; Membrane Assembly and Protein Targeting; Signal transduction; Receptors and hormones; antigen-antibody relationship. Protein dynamics, Protein Folding, Dynamics and Structural Evolution. Elementary ideas of bonding and structure, stereochemistry; spectroscopic techniques. Protein Engineering: Proteins design and engineering, Random, site directed mutagenesis; Strategies to alter catalytic efficiency; structure prediction and modeling proteins; Molecular graphics in protein engineering; Dynamics and mechanics; Drug-protein interactions and Design; applications of engineered proteins.

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