IIT Kanpur syllabus hydraulic and Hydrologic Design

IIT Kanpur Syllabus 

hydraulic and Hydrologic Design




CE 462: Hydraulic and Hydrologic Design

Course Contents:  Synthetic design storms & Estimation of peak discharge, Urban storm drainage design, Culvert design, Detention storage design, Watershed modeling, Flood frequency analysis and hydrologic design under uncertainty; Design of water distribution network, Analysis and design of rigid boundary channels, Tractive force concepts in channel design, Design of canal headworks, distribution works, and cross-drainage works, Design of gravity dams, spillways, and energy dissipators.


Suggested text and reference material: 

  1. Hydrologic Analysis and Design by Richard H. McCuen, Prentice Hall, New Jersey, USA.
  2. Applied Hydrology by V. T. Chow, David Maidment, and Larry Mays, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi, India.
  3. Hydraulic Design Handbook by Larry W. Mays, McGraw Hill.

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