IIT kanpur Syllabus Foundation Design Civil Engineering

IIT kanpur Syllabus

Foundation Design Civil Engineering


CE 352: Foundation Design

Course content:   Site investigations, methods of drilling, sampling, in situ test – SPT, CPT, plate load and dynamic tests, groundwater level, etc. Bearing capacity, general, local and punching shear failures, corrections for size, shape, depth, water table, compressibility, etc., ultimate and allowable stresses, methods based on in situ tests, Settlements of foundations, stress in soils (Boussinesq, Westergaard), Design of foundation, Types of foundations – shallow/deep, isolated, combined, mat, etc., contact pressure distributions, Earth Pressure theories, Coulomb and  Rankine  approaches, c-f soils, smooth and rough walls, inclined backfill, Deep foundations: pile and well foundations.


Suggested text and reference material:

Craig RF.,Craig’s Soil Mechanics.,2004, Taylor and Francis, New York, USA.

Das BM., Principles of Geotechnical Engineering., 2007, Thomson, India.

Bowles JE., Foundation Analysis and Design., 1997, McGraw-Hill Co., Singapore.



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