IIT Kanpur Syllabus Design of Steel Structures

IIT Kanpur Syllabus 

Design of Steel Structures




CE 371: Design of Steel Structures

Course content:  Steel structures, Limit states and design philosophy; partial safety factors and load combinations; Analysis and design methods; Design of tension members based on net section including shear lag effects, staggered holes and block shear;  Design of compression members for flexural and flexural-torsional buckling, Column formula, Local buckling and buckling class, End restraints and effective length factor; Role of plate buckling, Plastic hinge, Classification of section: plastic, compact, semi-compact, slender, Design strength of laterally supported beams, Shear buckling strength- Post-critical method, Shear-moment interaction, Design strength of laterally unsupported beams, Lateral torsional buckling, Effect of restraints and effective length; Effect of axial load on flexure behaviour, Cross-section yielding and member instability, P-M interaction and moment amplification, Bi-axial bending; Design of Bolts and Welds, Strength under combined stresses, Prying action, Common simple and eccentric joints and frame connections, Column bases.


Suggested text and reference material:

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