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IIT Kanpur Syllabus

Advanced Land Measurement Techniques

Civil Engineering



CE 431

:  Advanced Land Measurement Techniques

Course content:  GPS-range and time measurements, errors, surveying methodologies and field procedures; Laser Scanning-physics of laser, laser interaction, different methods of range measurements with advantages and disadvantages, laser scanning types, components of LiDAR systems, INS-GPS integration, errors in laser scanning, laser scanning applications; Photogrammetry-camera types, geometry of photographs, distortions and rectifications, stereoscopy, parallax and use, interior and exterior orientation, mathematical model relating image and object space, bundle block adjustment.


Suggested text and reference material: 

GPS Satellite Surveying, Alfred Leick, John Wiley

GPS for Land Surveyors, Sickle, J. V. Ann Arbor Press

David F. Maune(2002): Digital elevation model technologies and applications: The DEM users manual:; Manual of Remote Sensing: ASPRS; 2002

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