IIT Guwahati Syllabus Fluid Mechanics-I

IIT Guwahati Fluid Mechanics-I Syllabus


ME 221. Fluid Mechanics – I (2-1-0-6)                                                                  

Basic concepts and properties of fluids, Fluid Statics: Hydrostatic pressure distribution; Application to manometry; Hydrostatic forces on submerged plane and curved surfaces; Buoyancy and stability. Fluid Kinematics: Lagrangian and Eulerian description; Deformation of fluid element; Reynolds transport theorem; Fundamentals of flow visualization. Integral relations for a control volume: Conservation equations for mass, momentum and energy; Bernoulli equation. Conservation equations in differential form: Stream function; Velocity potential; vorticity. Dimensional analysis and similitude: Buckingham Pi theorem; Modeling and similarity. Viscous Flow in Ducts: Reynolds number regime; Head loss and friction factor; Laminar fully developed pipe flow; Turbulent pipe flows; Flow in non-circular ducts; Minor losses in pipe systems.


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