IIT Guwahati Introduction to Computing Syllabus

IIT Guwahati Introduction to Computing Syllabus 


CS 101  Introduction to Computing (3-0-0-6)                                                      

Introduction: The von Neumann architecture, machine language, assembly language, high level programming languages, compiler, interpreter, loader, linker, text editors, operating systems, flowchart; Basic features of programming (Using C): data types, variables, operators,  expressions, statements, control structures, functions; Advanced programming features: arrays and pointers, recursion, records (structures), memory management, files, input/output, standard library functions, programming tools, testing and debugging; Fundamental operations on data: insert, delete, search, traverse and modify; Fundamental data structures: arrays, stacks, queues, linked lists; Searching and sorting: linear search, binary search, insertion-sort, bubble-sort, selection-sort, radix-sort, counting-sort; Introduction to object-oriented programming


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