IIT Guwahati Heat and Mass Transfer Syllabus

IIT Guwahati Heat and Mass Transfer Syllabus 


ME 324. Heat and Mass Transfer (3-1-0-8)                                                           

Modes of heat transfer; Conduction: 1-D and 2-D steady conduction; 1-D unsteady conduction-Lumped capacitance and analytical methods; Fins. Convection: fundamentals, order of magnitude analysis of momentum and energy equations; hydrodynamic and thermal boundary layers; dimensional analysis; free and forced convection; external and internal flows; heat transfer with phase change. Radiation: Stefan-Boltzmann law; Planck’s law; emissivity and absorptivity; radiant exchange between black surfaces. Heat exchangers: LMTD and e ? NTU methods; heat transfer enhancement techniques. Mass transfer: molecular diffusion; Fick’s law; analogy between heat and mass transfer; evaluation of mass transfer coefficients by dimensional analysis.


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