IIT Guwahati 3rd Sem Syllabus Applied Thermodynamics-I

IIT Guwahati Applied Thermodynamics-I Syllabus




ME 321. Applied Thermodynamics – I (3-0-0-6)   )                                             

Pre-requisite: ME 211 or equivalent.

Vapour Power Cycles: Carnot cycle, Rankine cycle, reheat cycle, regenerative cycle, steam cycles for nuclear power plant, back-pressure and extraction turbines and cogeneration, low-temperature power cycles, ideal working fluid and binary/multi-fluid cycles; Steam Generator: subcritical and supercritical boilers, fluidized bed boilers, fire-tube and water-tube boilers, mountings and accessories; CondenserCooling Tower: hygrometry and psychrometric chart; Steam Turbine: impulse and reaction stage, degree of reaction, velocity triangle, velocity and pressure compounding, efficiencies, reheat factor, governing, nozzles; Heat Pump and Refrigeration Cycles: reversed Carnot cycle and performance criteria, vapour compression and vapour absorption refrigerators, gas cycles, refrigerants and environmental issues; Air-conditioningReciprocating Air Compressors: work transfer, volumetric efficiency, isothermal efficiency, multistage compression with intercooling.


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