IIT BHU Varanasi Syllabus Structural Clay Engineering


IIT BHU Varanasi Syllabus

Structural Clay Engineering


Structural Clay Engineering  

Engineering aspects of structural clay products.  Clay as a raw material, binding material and additives.  Utilization

of various industrial and agricultural wastes as raw materials.  Effect of ageing and weathering.

Manufacture of double layer stoneware, various tiles, sanitary fittings, face bricks, coloured bricks and other related

products.  Architectural aspects of clay products.

Structure and behaviour of extruded clay.  Microstructure of flow pattern.  Piston and auger extrusion, effect of

extrusion, lamination and other faults.  Drying techniques.  Scummig and efflorescence, its causes and cure.

Moulds, mould care and mould storage.  Quality control, rationalisation, mechanization and relevant automation,

glazing process, automatic precision control of firing in various kilns.

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