IIT BHU Varanasi Syllabus Particle Mechanics and Fluid Flow Processes


IIT BHU Varanasi Syllabus Particle Mechanics and Fluid Flow Processes


Particle Mechanics and Fluid Flow Processes

Particle Mechanics:  Theory of Crushing and grinding. Crushers, Grinders and Ultra fine grinders. Close and open

circuit grinding, selection of equipment and power requirement. Sieve analysis, cummulative and differential plots.

Industrial screening equipments, Separation based on size shape, density and surface properties.

Law of motion of single particle, sedimentation, free and hindred settling. Thickener and settling chambers.

Flotations, Rotary fluids, Centrifuge, cyclone, electrostatic and magnetic separators. Pneumatic and hydraulic

transportation of solids; Jansen’s equation. Conveyors, bins, silos and hoppers. Different equipment for mixing of

fluids and solids, mixing index.

Filtration: Flow through filter cake and medium, Kozeny-Carman equation for flow through packed column, plate

and frame  filters, centrifugal filters, Filter Media, Filter Aids, Washing of filter cakes, selection of filtration


Fluid Flow Operation : Physical properties of fluids, Sl Units and dimensions. Type of fluids; Compressible,

Incompressible, Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids. Pressure-density-height relationship. Pressure measurements;

Manometers, Forces on submerged objects. Buoyancy and stability. Reynold’s experiment; Description of velocity

fields, streamline, angular velocity, circulation,  irrotational flow. Integral equation of continuity  of flow,

conservation of linear momentum and angular momentum, Bernoulli’s equation, energy relationship. Buckingham’s

Theorem, important dimensionless numbers and their  physical significance, similitude criteria. Viscous flow,

laminar and turbulent flow through closed conduits. Velocity profiles, friction factor for smooth and rough pipes.

Head losses due to friction  in pipes, annular spaces and fittings. Hydraulic radius. Orifice meter, Venturimeter, Pitot

tube, Rotameter. Flow through notches and weirs, physical methods of flow measurement, wet gas meter, dry gas

meter, hot wire anemometer and other types of advanced techniques for flow measurement. Detailed study of

pumps, compressors, blowers and fans; their selection and characteristics

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