IIT BHU Varanasi Syllabus Ceramic Properties of Ceramic Materials


IIT BHU Varanasi Syllabus

Ceramic  Properties of Ceramic Materials



Properties of Ceramic Materials  

Thermal Properties: Heat capacity, Thermal Expansion, Thermal Conductivity: Thermal shock resistance,

Radiative heat transfer. Mechanical Properties: Elastic, Plastic, anelastic and viscoelastic behaviour. Griffith- Orwan criteria for brittle

fracture. Statistical treatment of failure of ceramic materials, Strengthening of ceramics, hardness,  abrasion

tribology. Electrical behaviour: Electronic and ionic conduction in ceramics. Band structure of ceramic materials. Broad band

and narrow band semiconductors. Hopping conduction. Non-stoichiometric and valency controlled semi conduction,

metallic conduction. Nernst Einstein equation for diffusion and conductivity in ionic solids. Effect of temperature,

pressure and impurities. Super Conductivity: BCS theory, High Tcsuperconductors, collosol and giant magneto resistance.

Dielectric behaviour: Claussius-Mosotti equation, behaviour of dielectrics in DC and AC electric fields. Linear and

non-linear dielectrics, Ferroelectricity, dielectric behaviour of polycrystalline and polyphase ceramics.

Magnetics Ceramics:  Exchange and super exchange interactions, crystal field splitting. Spin-order, Spinel, garnet

and hexagonal ferrites. Effect of microstructure and composition on the magnetic behaviour.

Optical Properties: Reflection, transmission, absorption and scattering of radiation. Coloration, luminescence,

fluorescence and phosphorescence, laser and maser.

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