IIT BHU Syllabus Super and Monolithic Refractories


IIT BHU Syllabus

Super and Monolithic Refractories



Super and Monolithic Refractories    

Scope of beneficiation of indigenously available low grade refractory raw materials and their agglomeration. New

production technology: Introduction of high intensity mixer, Vacuum pressing, high pressure press, isostatic press,

precast refractories. Development of carbon bearing refractories: Magcarbon, alumina carbon, alumina-magnesiacarbon, alumina-Sic-C, Zirconia refractories and carbon refractory. Different   binders used for manufacture of carbon

bearing refractories. Refractory application in secondary steel making, continuous casting, fertilizer and petrochemical

industries. Factors affecting the performance of refractories. Status of refractory industries in India in context to

production of steel, cement glass and its future. Technological aspects of design and application of monolithics:

Castables  of different kinds, gunning and spraying, ramming masses, mortars. Microstructure and properties of

refractory products. Better understanding of phase equilibrium and sintering in controlling microstructure for various

refractory properties.


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