IIT BHU Syllabus Ceramic Whitewares

 IIT BHU Syllabus Ceramic  Whitewares



Ceramic Whitewares

Effect of size, shape, texture, physical properties and chemical composition of raw materials on whitewares. Factors

which influence the porosity, water absorption, strength, colour of whiteware bodies. Compositions of triaxial and

other whitewares. Firing and temperature control. Grain growth, sintering, vetrification and microstructure of

whitewares. Modern trends in firing of whitewares. Strength of porcelain insulators, factors affecting breakdown of

high and low voltage insulators. Body preparation;  role of synthetic steatite, cordierite in ceramic bodies.

Manufacture properties and uses of bone china, chemical porcelain, sanitary wares, electrical porcelain. Defects in

whiteware bodies caused by thermal expansion. Ceramic glazes, their properties and uses. Ceramic colours and

decoration. Recent developments and control, techniques as applied to whiteware processes.

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