IIT BHU Syllabus B Tech Electrical & Electronic Ceramics


IIT BHU Syllabus

Electrical & Electronic Ceramics



Electrical & Electronic Ceramics      

Symmetry and other criteria of ferro-electricity, ferroelectric transitions in BaTiO3, PbTiO3 and other related

materials.  Effect of compositional modifications and grain size. Relaxor ferroelectrics.  Performance categories of

ceramic capacitors with typical compositions.  Powder synthesis, electroding and packaging of discrete, multilayer

and barrier layer capacitors.

Symmetry considerations and equations of state for  piezoelectric and electrostrictive effects.  Poled ferroelectric

ceramics.  Measurement of coupling factor and strain coefficient.  Phase diagram, preparation  and properties of 9

PZT ceramics.  Thin films of PZT.  Piezoelectric positioners, loud speakers and gas ignitors.  Pyroelectric and

electro-optic ceramics with their applications. NTC and PTC thermistors, ZnO varistors

Classification and structural features of super-ionic solids.  Applications in oxygen sensors, fuel cells, high density

energy storage batteries.  Magnetic ceramics and their crystal structure. Effect of composition on magnetic

behaviour.  Processing, microstructure, properties and applications of magnetic ceramics.  .


Recommended Books:

1. Ceramic Materials for Electronics by R. C. Buchanan (Marshal Dekker, New Yark.

2. Principles of Electronic Ceramics by L. L. Hench & J. K. West (John Wiley & Sons.)

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