IIT BHU Syllabus Advanced Glass Technology


IIT BHU Syllabus  Advanced Glass Technology




Advanced Glass Technology

Structure and nature of glasses, transformation range behaviour, dependence of physico-chemical characteristic of

glasses on their constituents. Strength of glass and glass articles.  Thermal and ion exchange toughening.  Coatings

on glass.

Technological aspects of chemical durability of glasses and reaction with water.  Extraction of various constituents

from glasses.  Effect of various factors on the rate controlling mechanism.

Redox equilibria in glasses and their industrial applications in coloration, decolorization and refining of glasses as

well as preparation of special glasses, Redox number of glass, its calculation from batch raw materials and uses.

Importance of transition metal ions in glass, interaction  of radiation in glass.  Magnetic properties of glasses.

Solubility of gases at high temperature in glasses. Phenomena of reboiling in industrial glass preparation process.

Oxygen ion activity and its influence on redox equilibria and  application.

Principle and manufacture of sheet glass  by float process, TV picture tubes, glass containers, glass fibres and optical

glass fibres.  Processing, properties and application of glass ceramics.

Recommended Books:

1. Hank book of Glass Manufactur, F.V.Tooley, Vol. 1 & 2

2.   Glass Science and Technology , Vol. I  and  II, Ed. D.R. Uhlmann and N. J. Kredl,   Academic Press, London.

3. Chemistry of Glasses, Ed. Amal Paul, Chapman Hall, London

4. High Performance Glasses, Ed. M. Cable and J. M. Parker, Blachie , New Yark,  USA.

5. Optical and Spectroscopic Properties of Glasses, Gan Fuxi., Spinger-Verlag, USA.

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